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Clustermarket is an online marketplace helping scientists, engineers and other technology pioneers access lab equipment in nearby institutions and find the best service providers. The equipment and services listed on Clustermarket are offered by UK’s leading universities, research institutions and businesses.

Clustermarket also provides a lab booking system (Bookkit) for academic research facilities and industrial laboratories that want to manage their lab infrastructure in the most efficient way. Bookkit is an intuitive lab booking system which is easy to integrate, free for academic institutions and connected to the Clustermarket marketplace.

 If you are a Science Park, give your tenants a tool to:

  • Get on demand access to resources available nearby (e.g. lab equipment or technical services)
  • Promote their technical services to a broader audience
  • Manage their equipment bookings and lab infrastructure
  • Create a sharing ecosystem at your campus as well as with your neighbouring universities


Adapting in a crisis

In recent months, scientific organisations all over the world have seen their laboratory access significantly reduced in order to enforce social distancing measures and limit the spread of the coronavirus. Some researchers have paused their laboratory research...

Science at home : Is it possible for researchers to work remotely ?

Given recent events, huge swathes of us have suddenly had to start working remotely in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and ease the strain on healthcare systems globally. Scientific researchers play a key role in the fight against the virus as well as other...

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