RA Information Systems, IT and software provider has announced a significant update to their CLARITY CORE suite. The newly enhanced CLARITY VISITOR module simplifies enterprise-wide visitor management and provides a touch-free access solution, with recording, greeting and tracking of visitors, staff and contractors for multi-use premises. The new enhancements include a range of essential features: visit pre-registration, authorisation and QR code generation, all designed to assist with security and minimise contact at check-in.

This innovative development from RA Information Systems, the new functionalities have been specifically developed with the science, research and innovation-led sector in mind and to provide an easy-to-use solution, assist with track and trace, and now offer touch-free access to assist in managing the implications created by the current pandemic.

Having watched their customers growth this last year and the requirements for visitor management systems become more complex, complicated by the coronavirus outbreak and the addition of privacy and safety standards and regulations, all these factors have resulted in visitor management becoming an increasing consideration for many businesses across the different sectors.

The most common long-term challenges reported by their customers over the last year were:

  • Workspace security issues and knowing who is on or off-site, connecting visitor management with access control.
  • Limiting visitor access to certain areas of the premises.
  • Low efficiency, time consuming routines and repetitive Front Desk / Customer Service staff responsibilities during pre-recording visits, signing-in process and notifying clients and employees when their visitors arrive.
  • Visitor management, screening and check-in, synchronised with appointment and room booking systems.
  • Visitor data privacy protection issues, security and data breaches and adapting to a changing regulatory environment.
  • Inconsistent procedures across multi-site campuses and locations.

The good news is that most of these challenges can be solved with the right visitor management solution.

Along with providing secure check-in processes for visitors and staff alike, the top benefits of using CLARITY VISITOR can include:

  • Standardised Procedure across campuses and locations: sector operators benefit from standardised visitor and employee access management across their sites, including gatehouse management of visitors for security stations where needed. Standardisation can minimise the chances that crucial details will be overlooked.
  • Centralised self-service solution to allow management of own appointments for all businesses located within a site or premises. Help reduce operational costs and the time spent contacting a customer service representative. Clients can use this feature to not only book visits at any time that suits them, but also to find all the information associated with past visits.
  • Client and visitor friendly experience, enriched by the speed and efficiency of interaction with a user-focused self-service check-in process. All designed to improve the experience for your customers and their guests and employees.
  • More reliable and accurate digital record keeping, safeguarded with secure digital data storage and backup. Environmentally-conscious when switching to paperless solutions.
  • Enhanced workplace security and visitor traceability: Recording visits is critical for most businesses, from understanding who is visiting site and why, to the time of the visit and keeping historical reference. This is especially important in cases of emergency. By using digital evacuation lists it’s easier to track and communicate with visitors, alert them and arrange for their safety. Integrating smart tablets with 4G provides access to real-time registers of who is on premise for self-verify roll calls at all times.
  • Digital visitor privacy compliance: Visitor information is managed in accordance with data protection guidelines, with all sensitive data automatically removed, relieving the administrative burden associated with managing personal information.

CLARITY VISITOR is fully customisable platform which delivers an intuitive visit experience across multiple visitor types, locations and entry points. The system may be purchased independently or as a CLARITY CORE add-on module.

For more information please visit: https://ra-is.co.uk/clarity-visitor/ or contact RA Information Systems : 0330 223 11 99 or email: info@clarity-core.com.