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Cardiff Medicentre

Heath Park
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Cardiff Medicentre is a dedicated Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences company incubator, located on the University Hospital of Wales campus. The latter extends across 53 acres, provides a working base for over 4,000 people and is home to Cardiff University’s School of Medicine.

The Cardiff Medicentre was established in 1991, and was the first incubator of its kind in the United Kingdom. It provides high quality office and laboratory accommodation comprising of 32 units ranging from 27 square metres to 98 square metres. Low-cost desk licensing facilities are also available to encourage entrepreneurs to enter the Cardiff Medicentre community whilst writing business plans and raising finance.

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The Cardiff Medicentre’s objectives are:

  • to encourage new high-technology companies to locate and grow in Cardiff
  • to assist in the transfer of technology from associated academic centres of expertise
  • to assist in bringing innovative Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences products to market.

The Cardiff Medicentre offers specialist incubation support programmes and business services to tenants and licensees. Financial assistance may also be available towards the fitting-out of laboratories and equipment purchase costs. New companies will also be able to take advantage of the specialist facilities and academic expertise located within the University.

General support services at the Cardiff Medicentre include a manned reception during office hours (08:30-  16:30 Monday to Friday) for visitors and deliveries. The site also boasts private parking and controlled security access to the building with audio and visual security systems (CCTV). All tenants and licensees have 24 hour access to their units, 365 days a year. The Cardiff Medicentre also offers low-cost seminar and meeting room facilities to all tenants and licensees.

For tenants, Cardiff Medicentre offers ‘easy-in, easy-out’ leases that are generally for three years. Variations in period, notice and break clauses can be negotiated on an individual basis. All utility services are charged as used and building maintenance is organised by the Cardiff Medicentre facilities manager.

Current Tenants:

Alesi Surgical Ltd, IP Group, Symbiosis Ltd: Alesi Surgical Instruments Ltd was established in 2009 to commercialise inventions arising from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT). The company was co-founded by FusionIP plc and Dr Neil Warren.

The company has three products in development, the most advanced of which is Innervision. This is a novel smoke clearance device that allows electrosurgical smoke to be cleared from both minimal access and open surgical procedures.

Authentic World Ltd:  Founded in 2004 by a team of nurse educators in Wales, Authentic World Ltd is a spin-out company of Glamorgan & Cardiff Universities whose mission is to improve patient safety by reducing medication error through the development of innovative educational software solutions.  Their medication dosage calculation products are being used by higher education institutions and NHS Trusts across the UK.

Cardiff Scintigraphics Ltd (trading as i2c pharmaceutical services): i2c pharmaceutical services is a spin-off company from Cardiff University and was established in 1992 by  scientists within the Welsh School of Pharmacy following several years of successfully conducting clinical  gamma scintigraphy studies for the pharmaceutical industry.  The company provides independent services to clients for development of pharmaceutical formulations and devices.

Cedar (Clinical Engineering Device Assessment & Reporting): Cedar was established in 1977 to evaluate medical devices for the UK Department of Health.  Cedar supports decision making in healthcare by providing information and recommendations on emerging health technologies, medical devices, interventions and service requirements.

The Cupid Peptide Company (trading as Cupid Peptides):  A biotech startup targeting the academic and industrial research tools markets.  The company will design, create and sell long peptides.                    .

Diurnal Ltd: Diurnal Ltd is a spin-out company from the University of Sheffield. It has developed a portfolio of patents that it wishes to take to clinical proof of concept stage in order to commercialize out-licensing opportunities.  These patents involve established drugs whose novel delivery would mimic the body’s circadian rhythm of hormones and in effect normalise hormones in the body.  Diurnal is a Fusion IP plc funded business.

Healthcare Learning Company Ltd:   A provider of interactive teaching and on-line courses for healthcare professionals. The company’s products allow users to meet their continuing professional development and postgraduate requirements throughout their careers. The company adopts an integrated or blended approach to education and produces interactive modules and on-line courses as well as organising seminars/conferences and publishing printed periodicals.

INDOOR Biotechnologies: Indoor Biotechnologies specialises in products and services in environmental sciences, allergy and asthma, configured for research or for consumer use.

Learna Ltd: Learna is an on-line continuing professional development business targeting a broad range of healthcare  professionals.  The company offers specialist educational modules and assessment materials through  three independent portals:, and

Medaphor Ltd:   MedaPhor is a spin-out company from Cardiff University. It is an e-learning company which produces innovative training products for postgraduate medical professionals. These include advanced tutorials for learning or improving ultrasound examination technique.  The company is also committed to creating a catalogue of training modules for a cross-section of medical disciplines.  Medaphor is a Fusion IP plc funded business.

Nemesis Bioscience Limited:  Founded in 2014 by microbiologist Frank Massam and molecular biologists Conrad Lichtenstein and Gi Mikawa.  The company has so far been operating from its research laboratory in Cambridge.  Now that its innovation has been confirmed as having proven potential, the team is ready to begin the journey towards clinical trials and commercialism.

Occupational and Environmental & Analytical & Diagnostic Services (OEADS): OEADS was formed in 2010 to provide analytical  and diagnostic services in relation to occupational and environmental hazards.  The company has two main themes : Mineral particle analysis of lung tissues. Diagnostic histopathology services pertaining to occupational particle induced diseases.

OnICS Ltd: A medtech startup focused on the delivery of specialist note taking software and applications targeted at clinicians operating in the filed of oncology.

Picofluidics Ltd: Picofluidics was formed to provide practical solutions for customers in the healthcare/life science sectors with applications that require microfluidic systems.  Although Picofluidics has its own intellectual property portfolio associated with the fabrication of integrated microfluidic devices, the company intends to help customers realise their own specific requirements.

Precision Medicine Catapult: The fundamental role of the Precision Medical Catapult is to make the UK one of the easiest places in the world to develop, test and adopt precision medicine products and services.  Simplifying and accelerating precision medicine products will help create new companies, attract inward investment by large life science companies and generate UK-wide wealth creation and substantial exports.

The Catapult will primarily focus on diseases where precision medicine is likely to have an impact within 10 years such as cancer and other high0cost disease areas such as infection and inflammatory conditions.

WIMAT (Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy): The Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT) was opened in 1994 in Cardiff Medicentre. The original objective was to create a state of the art postgraduate institution to oversee the training and development of minimal access therapy in Wales. From its beginning it was one of the first and best equipped laparoscopic training centres in the UK, and now it has become the busiest multi-disciplinary training centre in the country.

You Can Clinic Ltd: The You Can Clinic is an entirely private clinical service offering private consultations across a broad range of medical specialties, on-line prescriptions, prescription of specialist medicines, botox and dermal filler treatments and second opinion service to affiliated healthcare providers.



Intelligent ultrasound Ltd based at Cardiff Medicentre a software and simulation company has raised more than £6m in a share placing that will support the launch of new products. Intelligent Ultrasound – previously MedaPhor Group – conditionally issued 62.5 million...

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