HM Government has published its Future Partnership Paper – “Collaboration on science and innovation.

The Executive summary comments that:

1. The UK has a strong history of collaborating with European partners on science and innovation through EU, pan-European and other multilateral and bilateral initiatives. This includes working together on groundbreaking research, with examples ranging from the AtlantOS project to create an integrated observing system for the Atlantic Ocean, to the development of a new clinical trials approach for the Ebola vaccine. The UK is committed to building on these successes.

2. In preparing to leave the EU, one of the UK’s core objectives is to “seek agreement to continue to collaborate with European partners on major science, research, and technology initiatives”. As the Prime Minister has said, “the UK is leaving the European Union, but it is not leaving Europe.” 

The UK wants Europe to maintain its world-leading role in science and innovation, and will continue playing its part in delivering shared European prosperity. It is the UK’s ambition to build on its unique relationship with theEU to ensure that together we remain at the forefront of collective endeavours to better understand, and make better, the world in which we live.

3. In this spirit of continued partnership, this paper outlines the UK’s objectives for an ambitious science and innovation agreement with the EU. By tackling the most significant research questions of the future together, we will achieve far more than we  would working apart, because of the scale and synergies delivered through our future partnership.

This paper sets out examples of where the UK sees potential mutual benefit in a close future relationship, exploring precedents for each. The UK looks forward to discussing this with the EU and shaping our future partnership together…

Read the Full Paper here>

Submitted on 06/09/2017