Booking is now open for the S-Lab Conference to be held at the University of Bristol, 18 September 2018.

S-Lab’s Conference partnership with UKSPA means that our members who own laboratory and innovation space can take advantage of their very low HE rates (£20) for their next Conference, at the University of Bristol on Sept 18. 

Entitled – Lab Excellence: Best Practice Designs, Operation and Management – there will be over 40 keynotes, sessions and tours include much of relevance to incubators and science parks and their constituencies.

This includes case studies of the University’s new Temple Quarter development and its flagship Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre, UnitDX and the conversion of AZ’s former Brixham laboratory into SME, research and teaching space by the University of Plymouth; several sessions on designing space for innovation, collaboration and well-being; and others on full costing of lab space, reducing lab environmental impacts, and best practice chemical management, safety and storage.  

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Submitted on 21/06/2018