Under UKSPA’s Articles of Association, the positions of Directors and Officers of the Association are appointed by UKSPA Full Members. This year, due to two Directors stepping down from their positions, we have Board vacancies for:

  • One Full Member representative,
  • One Associate or Full Member representative

The Association therefore invites nominations from UKSPA Full and Associate Members for the respective vacancies.  If more than two nominations are received for Full/Associate members then elections will be held as appropriate in October 2023.

Nomination forms, which are available here, should be completed as appropriate and returned by 17:00 on Monday 16th October 2023 to James Chaffer, UKSPA Chief Executive – james.chaffer@ukspa.org.uk.  Please note that it is perfectly acceptable for individuals from Full Member organisations to nominate themselves, but for Associate Member nominations the proposer must be from a Full Member organisation.  In all cases, the seconder must be a Full Member representative.

Nominees are also requested to include two-three short paragraphs outlining why they wish to stand for Board Membership, together with a brief biography.  The voting process, where necessary, will be concluded prior to the upcoming AGM on the 9th November 2023, so that we are able to appoint the Board at the AGM as efficiently as possible. Any vacant Officer positions will then be filled once the full Board composition is known.

Under the Association’s Articles, the composition of the UKSPA Board is defined as follows:

10 Directors Comprising:

  • Chief Executive
  • 3 Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair & Honorary Secretary/Treasurer
  • 4 Full Member Representatives
  • 1 Associate or further Full Member Representative
  • 1 Business Affiliate Representative

Early Career Professionals:

  • 2 promising early-career individuals are also selected from among the Association’s Full Members’ management teams, to attend and participate in Board meetings as observers – see here for further details of the upcoming vacancies for these positions, and the application process.


Board Members will normally serve for 3 years and, subject to renewal, a further and final 3 years. Early Career Professionals have previously served for 1 year, but it has recently been decided to extend the term to 2 years.


As noted, it is perfectly acceptable for a Full Member representative to nominate themselves, provided that the seconder is from another fully-paid Full Member organisation.  for Associate Member nominations the proposer and seconder must both be from different Full Member organisations.

Board Meetings Frequency

There are ordinarily four Board meetings each year.  Three are traditionally held at the same location as the three UKSPA Conferences, currently scheduled for March, June and October 2024.  The remaining meeting is our annual strategic meeting where the strategy, business plan and budgets for the next year are agreed.

Occasionally the Chairman may call for an extraordinary Board meeting, or conference call to discuss matters that cannot wait until the next scheduled Board meeting.

Board members are expected to attend as many meetings as possible. If three consecutive meetings are missed, then the Board may require that the member stand down.

Membership of the Board

All Board members represent the views of the membership and are responsible for corporate governance issues to the members of the Association.  Board Members are asked to represent the Association at meetings, events, and committees.  Additionally, Board members are increasingly expected to lead/stimulate discussion at group sessions at our conferences and online activities and to contribute to strategic and policy issues.

Remuneration and Expenses

There is currently no remuneration for UKSPA Board Members. It has always been custom and practice for Board Members to help support the Association by paying for their own travel and subsistence allowances.

For further information please contact UKSPA by email: info@ukspa.org.uk


CLOSING DATE: 16th October 2023, 17:00