This fund is to support commercial-scale vaccines and biotherapeutics manufacturing projects that will improve the UK’s health resilience for future pandemics.

The Biomanufacturing Fund (BMF) will provide up to £38 million in capital grants to incentivise investment in the manufacture of vaccines and biotherapeutics, to improve the UK’s health resilience for future pandemics.

The BMF follows on from the £60 million Life Sciences Innovative Manufacturing Fund and the £20 million Medicines and Diagnostics Manufacturing Transformation Fund.

Specific themes

We particularly welcome applications for the manufacture of:

  • drug substance (for example active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
  • finished drug product (for example fill/finish)
  • component materials (such as starting materials, delivery systems, adjuvants)

for the following product categories:

  • vaccines: all vaccine modalities
  • biotherapeutics: including monoclonal antibodies and cell-and-gene therapies

This list is not exhaustive.


This is a summary of the minimum requirements for ‘in scope’ projects, read the scheme guidance for full details- CLICK HERE

Your manufacturing investment must relate to the manufacture of:

Human medicines (this includes both the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) / drug substance and finished product / drug product). The fund is open to applications across the breadth of types of MHRA licenced medicines for human use.

We will not accept applications that propose to manufacture:

  • veterinary medicines
  • herbal medicines and vitamins
  • consumables or equipment (such as vials or syringes)

Your project must:

  • be a manufacturing project: this could be manufacturing product for clinical trials or for commercial sale
  • be located in the UK
  • have a total investment value of more than £12 million

You will be required to:

  • demonstrate that your company has the financial capacity to deliver the project
  • demonstrate that the project is fully funded aside from the grant request
  • provide the most recent 3 years of annual audited accounts for your company and parent company, as available. If you have fewer than 3 years of annual audited accounts, your application may still be considered

To protect public funding, you must:

  • provide a parental undertaking guarantee from your ultimate parent company
  • secure and pay for a bank guarantee for the full grant amount over the duration of the project

Fund objectives

We will prioritise applicants based on their alignment to the fund’s objectives:

1. Increasing health resilience in the UK for future pandemics through increased domestic capacity, or by providing flexible capabilities that have the ability to be re-deployed;

2. Creating economic opportunity through investments that will make a substantial contribution to Gross Value Added and provide high-wage, high-skilled jobs.

There are two upcoming opportunities to apply, with monthly deadlines of 30th June and 31st July. Please contact the BMF team at for more details. For more information on the application criteria and process CLICK HERE