Air Liquide are introducing a new service for volume use of bulk liquid gases (e.g. liquid nitrogen), ideally suited to science parks, universities, research centres, analytical laboratories and cryopreservation services.  Their Mini-bulk service is tailored to provide a more compact and convenient way to buy, a reliable, secure supply and a ‘keep it full’ service, which offers regular top ups at fixed cost.

This benefits the end use by making gas management simpler, smaller dedicated vehicles ideal for delivery to less accessible locations.  In turn this reduces the handling of cylinders and means fewer deliveries to your site. 

Air Liquide became members of the UK Science Park Association in 2017 and is a leader in gases, technologies and services for industry, academia, research and health; present in 80 countries with approximately 65,000 employees and serving more than 3 million customers and patients.

Air Liquide UK has the support of the global group but with local presence to connect with their customers. The Stoke-on-Trent site is the base for Specialty gases Centre of Excellence, and home to the Research & Analysis Market Team.  To back this they have a strong national supply chain for industrial and bulk gases.

Air Liquide believe that they can help support you, through having dedicated offers, services and a real focus on delivering financial and environmental benefits.  Air Liquide want to partner with the science park community to help you to deliver for your sites and tenants.

Air Liquide have a specific focus that combines their expertise on gases, industrial processes and research applications, with a strong commitment to improve research quality, optimize costs and improve the safety of science parks and their members (including training).

In addition, they can give advice on research processes, facilitate improvements on gas process management, including safety and therefore support innovative companies seeking to accelerate their businesses (from start-up to full production).

Contact Air Liquide for any gases and related equipment requirements, from bulk vessels to calibration gas mixtures.

Contact:  Lyndsey Rowley

Tel:    07766 515382