WALDNER’s concept: we provide TEST CAPACITY. Where the sample swabs are taken and how they get to the lab is not part of the solution. We do not provide personnel or organization, no probe logistics and no swab taking.

We provide a turn-key, self-contained, system that only requires electricity, water and a place to set up. The mobile laboratory is fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and fully automated high-tech diagnostic tools. Our solution is based on standard laboratory equipment, which can achieve an optimal cost/benefit ratio if operated by trained local laboratory technicians, without becoming dependent on expensive consumables.

Basically, it is a BSL-2 virology laboratory according to the diagnostic and safety recommendations of RKI (Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin) and following the special WHO and CDC-instructions for testing SARS-CoV-2.

For more detail go to www.intechcalibration.co.uk