Incubators and accelerators – a major distraction or a perfect tool for technology transfer?

Simon Bond, Innovation Director, SETsquared

Most universities have incubators or accelerators nowadays and in the post Witty landscape of University Enterprise Zones and place-based innovation these are likely to grow in importance. But do we have any evidence that all the time and effort spent by universities on incubation centres really delivers value back to the university knowledge transfer programmes? 

Deal flow, mentoring, access to finance, market position, building teams, benefit to the region are all familiar concepts to the KT team and business incubation managers – but often they see themselves as different beasts. This session invites managers of different forms of acceleration service to describe their models and to explain how their activities have helped or hindered the knowledge exchange activities of their host institutions. 


We aim to open up a discussion about current best practice as well as looking at future trends in the business acceleration space.