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West of ScotlandPartners

The West of Scotland Science Park is a joint initiative between Scotland's primary Economic Development Body, Scottish Enterprise, together with the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde.

History and Objectives

As a means to meeting Central Government's long-established Regional Economic Policy, The West of Scotland Science Park officially opened on 19th September 1983, aiming to provide a location for the development of businesses focusing on emerging and future technologies. The Park provides a foundation for companies through the provision of an environment which:

     offers accommodation of an appropriate standard for high-level technology

     provides easy access to the technical, business and leisure facilities of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde

      connects business advisory services with tenants through Scottish Enterprise's specialist business growth account management team.

The Science Park has a rural atmosphere where companies are encouraged to interact, not only with the Universities, but with each other.

Progress to Date


The Science Park is located on a 60 acre site, 3 miles north-west of Glasgow City Centre. The land is divided into two campuses: Kelvin Campus and Todd Campus. The land on Kelvin Campus is held under a long-term lease from the University of Glasgow whilst the land on Todd Campus is jointly owned by Scottish Enterprise and a number of private sector companies.


west of ScotlandKelvin Campus

Kelvin Campus consists of 9 pavilions. The recently completed Venture Building is 30,000 square foot (www.venturebuilding.co.uk), the development is by Speyroc who also developed the award-winning Helix Building. This building marks the next phase in the life-cycle of Kelvin Campus.  Plans are already underway to further develop the Campus through further private sector intervention.

Todd Campus

The existing 14 buildings are predominantly single user-occupied by companies operating within the fields of biotechnology, optoelectronics and software development.

Both Todd Campus and Kelvin Campus have been extensively landscaped and provide a beautiful and inspiring natural environment in which to work.

Site Management Arrangements

On-Site Services

The Science Park offers tenant companies a variety of common services including:


    mail franking, registered and recorded post uplift

     Kelvin Conference Centre seating approx. 90 people, with projector and lectern

     three conference rooms

     optical fibre broadband connection to each building

     facsimile and photocopying

     sports complex/gym



     security patrols

     free parking

     on-site Property Manager/Facilities Manager.

Advice and Assistance

West of ScotlandScottish Enterprise's Business Growth Team, through its Account Managers, offers business advisory services to technology-based companies on the Science Park. They also provide a point-of-access to the wide range of business advisory services which Scottish Enterprise Glasgow and Scottish Enterprise can offer. Additionally, the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde can assist tenant companies with any problems they may have of a technical or a business nature.

Collaborative ventures with the Universities are encouraged.

The Science Park is located within a Development Area which means that a wide range of government financial incentives are available to companies locating on the Park. Targeting Innovation and Nexus organise a programme of events and seminars on topics of common interests to tenants.

University Facilities

Strathclyde University

Strathclyde University is one of Britain's main centres of teaching and research in science and engineering. Its long-established engineering departments – Mechanical, Civil, Marine, Chemical, Electrical – are vigorous and innovative, and it has an outstanding record of achievement in the newer technologies including electronics, computer science, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and offshore technology.

The University's technology strength is complemented by the resources of Strathclyde Business School, one of the largest schools of business and administration in Europe and a major centre of expertise in finance, economics, industrial relations, law and marketing.

Glasgow University

Glasgow University is the fifth oldest University in Britain and, as such, it has helped to set the standards in teaching and scholarship for which British Universities are famous.

The University has over 120 departments, but has particular strength in the following areas:   


   integral optics, fibre optics and laser communications

   human and animal vaccine development

   lasers in medicine and surgery

     marine and ocean engineering technology

     basic and applied immunology

     microwave thermography in diagnostics.

In addition to this technical excellence, the University can also boast of fine Business Management knowledge and skills. Tenant companies on the Science Park are encouraged to utilise the strengths of the Universities, either through consultation or collaboration. Tenants have access to many of the facilities of the Universities, including library facilities and computing services.

Social and Recreational Facilities

The Universities have excellent sports centres catering for a wide range of sports. Both Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities have their own bookshop and Exhibition Halls, which regularly entertain many interesting shows and displays. Glasgow University is steeped in tradition and history. Set within the University's grounds is The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, which is the home of several world-famous collections.

Companies at West of Scotland Science Park

Alba Ultrasound

Alba Ultrasound is currently a world-class technology leader in the field of Ultrasonic Transducers and Arrays. Their depth of knowledge in the field of Piezocomposite Technology gives them a dominating platform of expertise, combining state-of-the-art technology with an innovative team of experienced professionals.


Aptuit Limited is a world class company who specialise in pre-clinical pharmaceutical formulation development and in the manufacture of sterile clinical trial supplies. We are a young and dynamic company. Our clients range from small biotech companies to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our people focus on building strong long-term relationships with our clients and on accelerating the pre-clinical development of our clients’ drugs. We have the experience and expertise to accelerate the development of your drugs.

Aptuit Limited has grown organically and rapidly since it was spun-out of the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, in 2000. Capitalising on considerable local technical expertise and manufacturing know-how, Aptuit raised start-up capital from several sources, including Evotec OAI, who remain majority shareholders. Aptuit specialise in drug formulation development and the manufacture of clinical trial supplies for biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients around the world. Aptuit has built a strong team of thirty highly skilled employees who collectively can assist you in achieving your goals.

Assured Micro Limited

Bio Reliance Biotech Ltd

Bioreliance are engaged in the safety evaluation of recombinant products and monoclonal antibodies.

A revolution is occurring in the generation of new therapeutic products through the application of recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibody technologies.

Therapeutic products have to be subjected to rigorous safety testing.  The application of these technologies has in turn led to the need for safety evaluation techniques.  Q-One Biotech are involved in the application and development of new safety evaluation procedures.  Much of their work centres on screening products for contaminating viruses or DNA which might have been present in the cell lines or additives used to produce the products.


BioOutsource is one of the world’s fastest growing provider of contract testing services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Their core offering includes a comprehensive range of services to support the testing of Biologics and Vaccines throughout their development.

Capita Mobile Solutions Limited (formerly Beat Systems)

Capita Mobile Solutions Ltd is a mobile computing software business serving the Emergency Services and Private Security Markets in the UK. The company has pioneered hand-held technology that replaces costly, time-consuming administrative duties undertaken by the police and private security companies. In addition to this the company markets emergency messaging to both sectors.

Careshare Nursery

Childcare providers.

Cleanroom Zone

Cleanroom Zone provides a service that specialises in the cleaning of cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Clyde Space Ltd

Leading supplier of small and micro space craft systems.  Core activities include design and production of high performance subsystems, lithium polymer and high efficiency solar panels for the small satellite industry.

Coherent Scotland Ltd

Coherent Scotland specialise in the design and manufacture of technically advanced solid-state laser systems, which are used world-wide for a range of industrial and scientific applications.  Coherent Scotland are specialists in the development and production of diode-pumped solid state lasers. 

Corporate Modelling Ltd

Our core focus is to help people become more productive through enabling our software tools to drive out inefficiencies in business.  We have provided excellent software tools that has helped many organisations build a better way of doing things.

CPS Research

CPS Research is the premier clinical research site in the UK.  With over 20 years of experience, more than 200 studies and two FDA audits behind us, we have the knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure that your product is expertly managed, suitable patients are recruited and your study is completed on time.  Our primary expertise is in the performance of community based, phase 2, 3 & 4 clinical tries with patient numbers from 20 to 1000 in almost any therapeutic area.


ECD Architects

Energy Conscious Design is an award winning architectural practice specialising in the design of low energy, low environmental impact, and sustainable buildings, procured cost effectively to the highest design quality. ECDA was founded in 1980 to combine architectural practice with energy research and consultancy.

FW Medical

Exporter of consumer healthcare products to scandanavia.  The CIS founded in 2006 operating now in 15 countries with a network of distribution partners.

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd

GSS integrate unique mid infra-red light source and detector technology into innovative optics and signal processing to produce market leading Carbon Dioxide Sensors.

With applications ranging from Building Controls to Diving equipment, our COZIR sensors' combination of extremely low power consumption and instantaneous warm-up answers directly to the growing demand for sensors which can be integrated into battery or self powered wireless systems and hand held devices, allowing economical real time monitoring of CO2 concentration levels.  The company's latest offering is SprintIR, the fastest NDIR CO2


GEMsoft7 was formed in 2003 to develop specialist software solutions. We have wide and extensive experience in delivering business and technology solutions to organisations in a range of markets.

GEMsoft7 has developed a leading edge, web-based authorisation engine which is applicable to any process within your organisation that has the need for:

Accountability: Who did what, when and why.

Authorisation: Control over who is allowed to perform what task and at what time.

Visibility: Allowing controlled access to information regardless of location.

Over the last three years we have worked, in the first instance, with leading H&S professionals to develop P²W which addresses the requirements stipulated by the HSE for ensuring safe systems of work via an electronic "Permit to Work" process. We are now working with leading players in the Oil & Gas, Tank Storage, NHS, Food, Defence and Airport sectors helping them to implement efficient, safe systems of work.

Glasgow Memory Clinic

Glasgow Memory Clinic is an independent research organisation. We are engaged in National and International research studies that seek to find better treatments for those with Memory Impairment, Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Innovative Coating Technologies Ltd

Innovative Coating Technologies Limited (ICTI) is a start-up that has been on the West of Scotland Science park since December 2010.  The company is dedicated to the provision of thin films and processes for a range of applications including lighting fixtures, sensors, protective layers and electrically conductive coatings.  ICT's business is based on four interdependent units:

  • Application Development
  • Custom Coating Services
  • Component Sales
  • Licensing

Institute of Photonics, University of Glasgow

Photonix provides industry and university researchers, scientists and engineers with processes and tools capable of depositing, removing, patterning and characterizing materials at the micron level and larger. As a user-supported facility, we provide:

  •  A complete cleanroom infrastructure, including clean air handling, high purity water and nitrogen, and effluent treatment.
  •  Access to a wide array of process equipment for etching, metal and dielectric thin film deposition, and photolithography.
  •  Consumable materials, including chemicals, supplies and lab garments.
  •  Training, from safety and orientation classes, to in-depth process systems.
  •  Chemical and gas monitoring equipment and safeguards.

The facility also performs contract processing for clients who need quicker turnaround or to resolve logistical barriers. While much of the processing done in the lab is for research and product / process development, there is no restriction placed on commercial work, such as manufacturing.

Intergrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

IES is a leading global innovator of integrated 3D sustainable analysis – for the measurable creation and management of efficient, healthy and affordable built-environments. Our technology and consulting services support smarter energy-efficient choices across new building investments, building operation and refurbishment of existing buildings, uncovering hidden cost savings. We deliver unique tools and technology to assist regulatory and rating agencies, building owners, facilities managers, sustainability and energy managers, architects and engineers in their objectives. We invest over ¼ of our turnover in R&D to ensure our analytical tools and industry knowledge stays the most pioneering and innovative.

Iomart Ltd/Easy Space

Iomart Group was founded in 1998 in Glasgow, since then the group has become one of Europe's longest providers of managed hosting and cloud computing service providers, serving over 300,000 customers each day, we are the proud employer of over 200 staff across the UK headquarters here in Glasgow.

JISC Regional Support Centre

The JISC Regional Support Centre for the Scotland South & West is one of 13 RSC's covering the UK and is part of the IT Services Dept at the University of Glasgow.  Our role is to promote and support the use of network learning technologies and resources, by supporting staff in developing eLearning capability, in the 20 Further Education Colleges and 3 High Education Institutions in South West Scotland.

Keegans Limited

Keegans provides Project Management, Surveying, Compliance, Cost Consultancy and CDM Coordinator services to a broad range of national clients, including Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Health, Education, as well as the Commercial and Industrial sectors.

M Squared Lasers

M Squared lasers manufacture novel solid state lasers and related systems.  The company has longstanding experience and demonstrated success in delivering innovative solid state laser products meeting customer application requirements and delivering the highest levels of customer service and support.

M Squared Lasers has global reach and provides local sales and support via representatives in Europe, the USA and Asia.

MD Biosciences

Meeting Makers

The company is a professional conference organiser and event management company.  It has been in business for 25 years.  SAS even management is a division of Meeting Makers and is raised in Salisbury, we organise conference and events for National and International Associations in all sectors but specifically in the Scientific and Medical Sectors.

Northlight Heritage Dickson Laboratory

Archaeology based charity, party of York Archaeological Trust.  Set up to promote heritage appreciation and education through archaeological means. The Dickson Laboratory does environmental post-excavation analysis, community outreach, education of scientific/ archaeological methods and provides forensic archaeological assistance to police forces throughout the UK.

QCMD (Quality Control for Molecular Dignostics)

Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics (QCMD) was established as an independent External Quality Assessment (EQA) organisation in 2001.  QCMD's primary function as an EQA/ Proficiency Testing (PT) organisation is to provide a wide-ranging quality assessment service primarily focused in the microbiology area.  The EQA service is provided to over 2000 participating laboratories in 100 countries and collaborates with many other National quality service providers worldwide.

Qnostics Ltd

The core business is focused on the development, manufacture and supply of specialised molecular Quality Control materials for use in clinical and commercial laboratories. Their primary focus is infectious diseases, and through a synergistic partnership with QCMD, a leading International External Quality Assessment (EQA) organisation, Qnostics has been able to develop, support, and satisfy the clinical diagnostic community's need for molecular control materials. The relationship with QCMD allows Qnostics the potential for scientific 'peer-review' to its products, the quality and 'branding' of the QC materials.

R Biopharm Rhone Ltd.

German owned private diagnostic company producing diagnostic kits to analyse food and drink for the presence of mycotoxins and also vitamins.


Supply Chain Management Group (SCMG) specialise in developing and implementing Supply Chain strategies for their clients.

Scottish Bio Medical

Scottish Biomedical is a pre-clinical drug discovery services company focussing exclusively on early stage drug research.

By combining and utilising our expertise in cell systems biology and medicinal chemistry, we have been able to establish many successful drug discovery collaborations with our pharmaceutical/biotech clients.

In many of our collaborations Scottish Biomedical is tasked with identifying targets or leads, in others we carry programs through to the development candidate stage. This flexible/modular approach enables drug discovery collaborations to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


SEPA Scottish Environmental Protection Agency


The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland’s environmental regulator. Our main role is to protect and improve the environment. We do this by being an excellent environmental regulator, helping business and industry to understand their environmental responsibilities, enabling customers to comply with legislation and good practice and to realise the many economic benefits of good environmental practice.


Solus Technologies

Solus Technologies provides laser products that deliver value to their customers they have a dedicated team that delivers innovative semi conductor disk laser technology, tailored carefully to the requirements of the customer.

Sungard Systems (Sherwood)

Research and Development for bespoke software systems and consultancy.


Synexus is a patients recruitment company which conducts clinical trial in late phase drug development on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Synexus Scotland is an independent clinical unit outside of the NHS, which operates with its own Doctors and nurses providing clinical care to clinical trial patients.

Tec-Source Ltd

We operate principally in the Marine Industry with our core skills being in the Electrical Power Generation, instrumentation, Automation and Control Systems for various ship types and platforms.  We offer a range of Design and System Development services.

Tissue Solutions Ltd

Tissue Solutions proves ethically acquired human tissues and biofluids for research use to pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and contract research organisations (CRO) worldwide.  This includes diseased and normal tissues in fresh, frozen and FFPE formats.  We specialise in sourcing "tough" tissues e.g. those with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria or fresh samples.  We provide customised and prospective tissue acquisition, help obtain ethics approval and give specialised advise relating to all aspects of the acquisition process, including intellectual input on project design.

We are ISO9001 registered and our aim is maintain a high ethical reputation as a reliable and efficient source of human biological material to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries worldwide.

Turbine Services Ltd

Walker Precision Engineering Ltd

Biochemical-DNA synthesis and biotechnological research.



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Stunning new office and laboratory building on site at West of Scotland Science Park.

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R-Biopharm Rhone launch new premises

R-Biopharm Rhône have officially opened their new purpose-built premises in the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow for business.

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West of Scotland Science Park: Development Sites

The Science Park is located on a 60 acre site, 3 miles north-west of Glasgow City Centre. The land is divided into two campuses: Kelvin Campus and Todd Campus.

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West of Scotland Science Park: Lab and Production Space

The Science Park is located on a 60 acre site, 3 miles north-west of Glasgow City Centre. The land is divided into two campuses: Kelvin Campus and Todd Campus.

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