Manchester Science Parks
Kilburn House, Lloyd Street North, Manchester M15 6SE

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Contact: Anne Dorman
Tel: 0161 226 1000 Fax: 0161 226 1001

Manchester Science Park The shareholders of Manchester Science Parks Ltd are:

Manchester City Council
Salford City Council
The University of Manchester
Manchester Metropolitan University
BASF Performance Products plc
Quiros Ltd
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Pochin's PLC
ITV Services Ltd.

History and Objectives
Manchester Science Parks (msp) started operations in 1984 with one multi-occupancy building. From its small beginnings, msp has developed to become one of the UK's leading science parks and now operates across four sites in Greater Manchester, accommodating around 145 tenant companies.

msp generates a surplus from its operations that is reinvested in the business either as added value services for tenant companies or as a contribution to the costs of the next construction project.

Throughout its development, msp has worked in partnership with local regeneration organisations. In particular, the core Manchester Science Park site has made a big contribution to the regeneration of Hulme, one of Manchester's most deprived areas, where its tenant companies are now, collectively, the largest private sector employer in the area.

The objective of msp is to enhance the economic, creative and technological base of the Manchester city region by encouraging and supporting the growth of knowledge-based enterprises. This means that running a commercial property operation, adding value through business support services and making a contribution to the local community are seen as complementary activities focused on achieving the overall objective of the shareholders. Furthermore, msp is seen as an active partner in the development of Manchester as a dynamic regional capital at the heart of the knowledge economy, a Knowledge Capital.

Facilities and Services
msp provides a range of high-quality managed accommodation
  • A range of high-quality, managed accommodation with flexible lease terms to suit growing companies
  • broadband communications technology in all buildings
  • wireless hot-spots
  • links with Greater Manchester universities via personal contacts.
Free business development services to support tenant companies:
  • connections to business and professional services
  • introductions into local, regional and national business networks
  • intelligent brokerage based on personal contacts
  • weekly business e-bulletin containing information on business management and development, information sources, events, useful networks, new initiatives, etc.
  • on-site business seminars
  • msp has strong international networks which it uses for tenants' benefit.
Tenant networking services encourage and support synergistic relationships between tenant organisations:
  • monthly business seminars and msp CEO's luncheon
  • newsletter with updates on msp's business support services and the latest tenant company news
  • msp intranet to encourage business networking and collaboration
  • msp website providing an electronic gateway into the city region's innovation ecosystem
  • social networking opportunities
  • msp tenants can attend networking events organised by the universities' business development and incubation teams
  • free in-house PR support.
International Connections
Greenheys' interior msp is home to businesses from across the world who have chosen to locate their European and UK headquarters in Manchester, with msp now accommodating some 15 overseas-owned tenant companies from nine different countries. msp is also a full member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), a global forum for sharing best practice and a useful source of international partners who can be trusted to support msp tenants wishing to explore new markets. As msp is a major player in the city's inward investment initiatives, the Manchester International Innovation Centre (MIIC) has been created on the Science Park site especially as a soft landing facility for overseas companies wishing to establish a presence in Manchester.

msp has special partnership agreements with the following overseas science and technology parks, for the exchange of best international practice and for more dedicated support to tenant companies looking at markets in these areas:

Mjardevi Science Park (Sweden), Oslo Innovation Centre (Norway), Wuhan East Lakes Technology Park (China), Hsinchu Science Park (Taiwan), Daedeok Technology Park (S. Korea), University of Arizona Research Park, Tucson (USA) and National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan R.O.K.

Progress to Date
● Manchester Science Park
20,000 square metres of laboratory and office space, ranging from units of 10 square metres to 550 square metres, located adjacent to the largest academic and clinical campus in Europe comprising the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the university hospitals in the Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and Christie Hospital. It is only five minutes' drive from Manchester city centre and fifteen minutes from Manchester's international airport and the motorway network.

There are seven buildings on this site, accommodating around 90 companies:

Enterprise House was the original Manchester Science Park building. Its diverse range of tenants include Liquid Bronze, a dynamic software house specialising in the creation of web-based, Software-As-A-Service solutions for SMEs and start ups. Liquid Bronze has a wide range of bespoke software developments within a variety of industries, and across multiple technology platforms, including successful products such as MalinkoApp, an advanced software solution that helps organisations easily manage and schedule their people and vehicles, and WorkHub, an extranet system designed to fit around organisations, providing a secure document management system, a web-portal for staff and customers, and a workflow hub for managing business processes.

Skelton House is home to QIAGEN, a personalised medicine company providing molecular diagnostics to aid doctors and drug companies in selecting therapies for patients. The company offers products, technology and services to the healthcare industry to enable the delivery of safe and effective medicines. QIAGEN, formerly DxS, occupies the larger part of Skelton House and is a 'graduate' from the University of Manchester bio-sciences incubator.

Rutherford House opened in 1995. It has always been popular with a diverse range of technology-based companies. It is also home to the new MedTECH Centre, a unique development facility for early stage medical device companies. The Centre is designed specifically to enable MedTech business start-ups develop products and services in an environment focused on the healthcare marketplace and represents a virtual joint venture between TrusTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Centre, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and msp.

Synergy House – ANS Group is one of msp's largest tenants. It is a technology solutions company specialising in the provision of hardware, software and 24/7 managed services and works with a diverse range of companies across the private and public sectors. ANS have recently launched their innovative new 'Infrastructure 3.0' managed solution – a tripartite approach using Cisco, NetApps and VMWare technology to downsize the number of network components needed for a unified intelligent IT infrastructure.

Greenheys provides cost-effective and flexible accommodation for smaller companies. Some of the companies may be small but are operating in world markets, such as Ravensoft, a mobile application software development company whose client base spans the globe. Specialising in the development of cross-platform mobile 'apps', Ravensoft has grown rapidly since its inception in 2007 and has quickly established itself as a leader in the mobile phone applications market.

Williams House provides superior multi-use accommodation. One of Manchester's most successful environmental consultancies is located here. Ground Gas Solutions is a market leading environmental consultancy specialising in continuous ground-gas monitoring, interpretation and risk assessment, providing services to land owners, developers, landfill operators and regulators.

Kilburn House is the newest building on the Science Park, providing the same superior multi-use accommodation as Williams House. One of its occupants is IT Farm, a cloud computing service provider for SMEs. The company, a Microsoft Gold Partner and Citrix Certified Hosting Partner, offers services that allow customers to host software, e-mail and file in the 'cloud', cutting down on in-house IT costs and providing a green alternative to traditional office servers.

● Manchester Technopark
Manchester Technopark Limited (MTL), a joint venture with shareholder Pochin's PLC, was formed in 1999 to develop a second site close to the Science Park. One of the three buildings, Turing House, is still owned by the joint venture and managed by msp. Turing House is home to Melbourne Server Hosting who provide mission-critical hosting services serving local, national and international customers.

● One Central Park
Opened in 2005, One Central Park, an 850 square metre facility in North East Manchester, brings together students, technologists and entrepreneurs, taking people and technologies from training, through R&D, to business creation and incubation, and onwards into msp accommodation.

msp has 1,100 square metres of accommodation in the Technology Centre at One Central Park, providing additional msp facilities for high-tech start-ups and offering its full range of business development services to tenant companies at this site.

The National Enterprise Academy (NEA) is a new initiative aiming to give students the skills and knowledge to become the entrepreneurs of the future, located at msp's One Central Park campus.

Founded by Dragons' Den entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE, the new National Enterprise Academy (NEA) offers 16-19 year olds the UK's first accredited Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Salford Innovation Park
msp has expanded its portfolio of properties by taking over the management of Salford University Business Park (SUBP) and Salford Innovation Forum (SIF). The operations at SUBP and SIF have been consolidated to form Salford Innovation Park (SIP).

SIP follows the successful business model used by msp, with the aim of stimulating the regional economy in Salford. SIP tenant companies will benefit from the same business development services as other msp sites, as well as links with both Manchester and Salford Universities.

Site Management Arrangements
msp's estates management and security teams provide the following services on all sites from their base on the Science Park:
  • reception
  • fax, photocopying, binding and laminating
  • receipt, sorting and delivery of incoming mail
  • collection and franking of outgoing mail
  • internal postal system to the University of Manchester
  • dual optical fibre link
  • conference and amenity rooms
  • restaurant
  • tenant intranet.
All sites are pleasantly landscaped and protected by 24hr on-site security and CCTV coverage.

University Facilities and Links
The size and diversity of the institutions on the adjacent University of Manchester academic campus offer a comprehensive range of technological facilities and expertise, as well as business support. msp assists existing and potential tenant companies to identify needs that can be met by the universities and their business schools, and then arranges appropriate collaboration.

Forms of technological interaction or business support include:
  • consultancies
  • student projects both within the academic institutions and within company facilities
  • testing/analysis
  • use of technical facilities on favoured terms
  • sponsored research projects
  • licensing of university technology
  • strategic business planning/marketing research
  • graduate recruitment.
msp has a close relationship with the technology transfer functions of the city region's universities, who consider msp locations to be the first choice for university spin-outs and companies graduating from incubation.

Staff from msp tenant companies have access to university libraries, sports facilities, restaurants, bars and shops.

Site Management Arrangements
A full list of current msp tenant companies can be found on the website ( with links to their own websites for further details.


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