The Science and Innovation Sector

The Science and Innovation Sector

Members of UKSPA have been in the business of creating the right environment to support both the creation and growth of technology-based businesses for well over thirty years. The origins of UKSPA date back to the early 1980s when a number of universities in the UK recognised that the era of the knowledge-based business had arrived, and pooled their experience so that they could guide others pursuing similar interests

Over the last three decades, the emergence and growth of science parks and similar innovation environments throughout the UK has helped create many thousands of scientific, technical knowledge-based businesses. These companies locate in a science park (or innovation centre) to take advantage of a variety of services ranging from financial advice through to marketing support from sharing scientifc equipment to investor pitches. This, combined with world class facilities and infrastructure and co-location with like-minded business contributes enormously to the local and national economy.

Science parks nurture, support and provide their tenant companies with access to the very best information, knowledge and expert advice that helps to deliver their tenants future growth and expansion.

Incubation matters

As the innovation eco-system develops and adapts, so has UKSPA. There is significant common ground between our members and UKSPA has been strengthened as a membership network by the growing number of incubators, accelerators and innovation centres.

For more information about our services for Incubators please visit the Incubation Matters section of this site.

The national innovation landscape

One thing is clear: Science and Technology Parks are uniquely placed to continue to exploit science and technology through commercialisation.

Our member parks are actively engaged in business incubation, providing space for specialist groups of large companies that want to work with the UK's research base and helping technology companies develop using the UK's immense skills in science and technology. Our members are helping to build the UK's corporate tax base by supporting the formation and growth of new generations of technology based firms.

Science and Technology parks perform a key function acting as an interface between business and centres of knowledge such as universities, government funded laboratories, hospitals, and in some instances corporate laboratories, with the purpose of helping to commercialise ideas that arise from the UK's research base.

This is important work and it is comforting to note that the value of Science and Technology Parks has been recently endorsed by the European Social Committee’s report earlier in the summer on Industrial and Science Parks.  There is no doubt science and technology parks are regarded highly across Europe as well as across other parts of the globe including in many Asia Pacific countries.