UKSPA Leadership Diploma

UKSPA Leadership Diploma


Designed and Delivered by Ithaka Leadership Development Ltd and leading to a Coventry University Diploma in Professional Development

 ITHAKA LEADERSHIP - Peter Sturrock - MD of Ithaka Leadership

“Drawing on twenty years of experience working with the leaders of businesses, the experience of running previous UKSPA leadership programmes and the valuable input of eight years facilitating science park networks means this programme has been finely tuned to meet the needs of the high growth innovative businesses of tomorrow"

 UKSPA - Paul Wright - CEO of UKSPA

“UKSPA members come from a diversity of backgrounds and I have long felt the need for an accredited programme for members to grow their own skills and knowledge of managing an innovative environment, learn from other's successes and challenges, and receive industry recognition for successful completion of a development programme. This course meets those objectives"



Working in partnership with UKSPA, Ithaka has developed the original UKSPA Leadership Programme into a fully accredited university diploma whilst maintaining all the practical features of the original programme. Bringing together leaders of Science Park, Innovation and Incubator Centres in a confidential environment to improve their own leadership and management and provide improved business support to companies in their facility.

Due to the success of the recent UKSPA Leadership programme, we are pleased to announce that we plan to commence a further programme in May 2016. We aim to bring together up to 10 managers in Science Park, Innovation and Incubator Centres in a confidential environment to improve their own leadership and management skills, and to provide improved business support to companies in their facilities. Upon successful completion of the programme UKSPA Members will be awarded a Level 5 Diploma in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from Coventry University.

This a practical work based programme requiring live projects to be implemented in the workplace. The programme is delivered in 2 day blocks over an 8 month period. Further information on timing and programme content and costs will be released in the next few weeks, but for further information please click on UKSPA Leadership Programme or call Chris Sturrock, the Marketing Director of our course provider on 0330 6061 450

Programme Content

The programme is limited to a maximum of ten places to ensure a high level of involvement and sharing of best practice. Delegates will focus on:

  •  Improving their effectiveness as a business leader

  •  How to recognise the phases in the life-cycle of businesses

  •  knowing what type of support any given phase requires

  • How to build effective working relationships with business leaders

The programmes will be hosted at science parks around the UK, providing delegates with a range of insights into how different facilities are run.

Individuals will be required to undertake four work based projects geared to improving their own capability and providing benefits to their own business and the businesses within their facility.

This is a challenging process but the benefits gained far outweigh traditional training styles. Each project requires research, problem solving, project planning, implementation and review. Time is allocated within the training days to support the planning of these projects and sharing best practice from within the group.

Duration and Timings

Accreditation: Diploma in Professional Development 80 Cat Points

Duration: 8 Days delivered in 2 day blocks spread over a 7 month period

Group Size: Max 8 


  •  Members of UKSPA £2,600 + Vat.

  •  Non members £3,100 + Vat

 Designed and delivered by Ithaka Leadership Development Ltd

Provisional Dates:

18th and 19th May

13th and 14th July

12th and 13th Oct

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Full information on the four modules and the Assignments that are linked to each Module are listed in the Leadership Brochure

Find out more on the Leadership website.