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In recent years business incubation in the UK and overseas has successfully adapted to recognise market, social, community and cultural forces in tandem with the increasing knowledge, understanding and application of best practice such as the “Inspire” development and monitoring process which will be continued by UKSPA.  Inspire is the ideal development tool for business incubation environments to fine tune and expand their business support processes and complements the UKSPA Aspire continuous improvement framework. Business incubation therefore remains a key component of our strategic focus.

Incubation resources from UKSPA

UKSPA has revised a series of factsheets for Members which are available to members. The Introduction to Business Incubation can be downloaded below.The complete set of factsheets contains:
2 Business Incubation Processes
3 Infrastructure
4 Business Development Resources
5 Business Incubation Strategy
6 Financial Sustainability and Planning
7 Marketing your Business Incubation Environment
8 Establishing and Maintaining Dealflow
9 Putting together the right management team
10 State Aid Implications
11 Business Issues faced by Tenants
12 License Agreement - typical content
13 Profile of Leading Edge Business Incubation Environments (LEIs).

There are now widely accepted criteria for creating the right and relevant physical business incubation spaces for entrepreneurship, innovation and growth, as well as documented and freely available resources to help establish the right processes needed to add value to clients within the environment.  Such best practice environments vary significantly as they have been developed and continue to evolve to serve the needs of defined, but often changing communities and stakeholders.  There are a range of components within the business incubation ecosystem all of which need to be integrated into a seamless offering.   Such environments are based on the need for a significant degree of human interaction and learning between clients and between the clients and their business support teams.

So we know something about place and the processes but what about people?  A definition of business incubation could be that it is ‘a unique combination of Place, Process and People’ and after eight years reviewing business incubators, firstly against the Business Incubation Development Framework, and latterly the Inspire Development and Monitoring process, again and again when questioned about what they valued most about being within a business incubator the clients would always say the support they get from the staff. 

UKSPA is continuing to develop a number of initiatives to support our Incubation agenda and this will include the Inspire Certificate in Business Incubator Management that was launched early in 2014.   Because such emphasis is placed on the ‘people’ aspect of business incubation it’s extremely important that we recognise the skills and competencies of the teams within the incubators and their ‘professional development’ and therefore of the industry as a whole.   

The Inspire Certificate in Business Incubator Management is a series of five workshops, completion of which leads to the awarding of the certificate.  Workshop 1 has already been delivered, so we will run Workshop 2 early in 2015 with the subsequent workshops (including re running Workshop 1) following over the rest of the year.  The workshops do not have to be completed in sequential order so the programme can be accessed at any point.

These workshops will be in addition to the normal UKSPA event schedule which also provide an opportunity for our new Incubator members to feel part of the single Association for the innovation community in the UK.