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Spiezia Organics Authentic Skin Care and Wellbeing brand in Great Health and ready to make a difference

Spiezia Organics Authentic Skin Care and Wellbeing brand in Great Health and ready to make a difference

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British entrepreneur Lara Morgan is thrilled to announce her significant investment and involvement in Spiezia Organics™, the first ever 100% organic wellbeing and skincare brand accredited by the Soil Association across the whole range.

“I am painfully aware of there being only one planet; Plan A is running far from smoothly and we have no Plan B. It is  a joy to be involved with Spiezia Organics™ - a company very much concerned with the bigger picture and so utterly devoted to achieving premium product quality, and sourcing conscientious ingredients and sustainable packaging” comments Lara Morgan, CEO and entrepreneur.

Based at the award-winning Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre (HWIC) in Truro, which is operated by Plymouth University to support Cornish businesses to grow more quickly, Spiezia™ products have been hand blended for over 15 years from organically grown herbs and flowers. These are selected for their gentle healing and revitalising qualities, with specific quantities of Soil Association certified, pure organic, cold-pressed oils. All the ingredients are selected for their composition and synergy with the skin, their aroma therapeutic qualities and their ability to deliver highly effective skincare solutions.   Rich in rejuvenating essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to nourish and detoxify, these impeccably pure balms are ideal for sensitive skins.

Lara explains; Spiezia Organics™ is the first range of skincare products I have used since suffering a reaction to synthetically combined products which promised a natural element. I learnt the hard way that the skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it! Now I use the Spiezia™100% organic skincare as well as the multi-use therapy balms to repair myself and my family which can always be found in my kitchen drawer. There is no need for chemicals when we can harness Nature’s own remedies as effectively as Spiezia Organics™ does.”

Spiezia Organics has grown dramatically after moving into the Innovation Centre in Cornwall in February 2013 and being supported to grow its business, with the centre’s input described by Spiezia Organics Managing Director Amanda Barlow as being “fundamental to our success”.

The Spiezia™ philosophy is all about ‘Made for Life’ – the path to making choices that contribute to personal wellbeing and feeling good about life, as well as adding to the health of the world in which we live. As a company, Spiezia™ Organics embraces a wholly holistic approach to skincare and wellbeing, in the knowledge that pure ingredients are key to improving skin health and that beauty comes from a healthy mind and body. Thanks to the purity of the products they can be safely used by those on the cancer journey.

In 2008 Amanda Barlow, set up the Made for Life Foundation (registered charity 1138846) to deliver healing, respite care and comfort to those with cancer.  The Foundation offers complementary Spiezia™ spa rituals alongside visualisation, mindfulness, creativity and hugs. Amanda Barlow has just set a 2020 goal that no one should be turned away from a spa because they are undergoing chemotherapy. 

Lara Morgan endorses this:  “It is very special that Spiezia™ products, thanks to their fully organic approved status, can be used in soothing gentle massage treatments on those bearing the brunt of the challenging process of chemotherapy, when other synthetic/chemical based products are not appropriate for use. If we can offer a gorgeous treat with authentic organic skincare products, using only what comes from the earth, then we make lives better. ”

First steps for the Spiezia™ brand with Lara’s support and guidance is a rebranding exercise and new product launch in September 2015.   Amanda Barlow explains “It is fantastic to have Lara on board – her enthusiasm and determination will be very positive for the brand and the organic industry as a whole.  Having owned and managed a major toiletries manufacturing business, making for some of the leading brands in the world, has given Lara valuable insight into ingredients, chemicals and the lack of legislation around cosmetics and skin care. Together we will be able to make a very real difference.”

The next chapter in the fast-growing development of Spiezia Organics has been supported throughout by the Cornwall Innovation team, which has helped the company to grow and expand substantially during the last two years.

Karen Murray, Manager of the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre, one of three acclaimed business acceleration centres operated by Plymouth University, said: “Spiezia Organics is a tremendous company and we have been proud to support its fantastic growth, helping Amanda and the team as the business expands at an amazing rate, and putting Cornwall on the map in the process.”

To find out more about Spiezia Organics™ work with the Made for Life Foundation or to purchase from the Spiezia’s wholly focused range of well-being products please visit www.spieziaorganics.com<http://www.spieziaorganics.com>


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