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Innovation Birmingham makes £10,000 of improvements for cyclists

Innovation Birmingham makes £10,000 of improvements for cyclists

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Innovation Birmingham has been awarded £10,000 of funding from the Birmingham Cycle Revolution scheme, which is being delivered by the City Council. The funding has been spent on infrastructure improvements to encourage more of the 750 people who work at the Innovation Birmingham Campus to cycle to work.

The £10,000 investment has been spent on; a secure 17m long cage to house 36 bikes for tenants’ use; new bike lock stands available outside of the locked cage for visitors; 20 large capacity lockers; improved signage; an extensive bicycle tool kit; and two pool bicycles with cycling safety accessories.

Stuart Bowles, Projects Officer for Innovation Birmingham led on the bid application to Birmingham City Council’s Cycle Revolution scheme. He said: “I cycle into work at the Innovation Birmingham Campus and have seen the number of tenants and colleagues who regularly commute here by bike increase quite a lot over the past few years. So, when I heard about the funding available from the Cycle Revolution scheme, I was really keen to apply.

“We conducted a survey to see what improvements the Campus’ community of commuter cyclists most wanted to see. Enhanced bike security and lockers were high on the list, so that’s where the majority of the available investment has gone. Pool bikes were another popular request, especially amongst colleagues who are keen on trialling a folding bike to travel to meetings across the city centre.

“As a result of the awareness campaign we conducted during the summer, we have doubled the number of tenants who cycle to work at the Innovation Birmingham Campus to 25. With the £10,000 Cycle Revolution scheme investment, the ‘bike breakfasts’ and cycle surgeries we now hold on a regular basis, and increased awareness about the shower facilities we already have on site, we are hoping to continue to build on the number of commuter cyclists, especially when our new iCentrum building opens next year.”

The City Council’s Birmingham Cycle Revolution Scheme has secured a total of £24.3 million to invest in making roads, canal towpaths and parks more friendly, as well as launching city-wide initiatives to get people on their bikes. The vision of the scheme is to make cycling an everyday way to travel into and across Birmingham over the next 20 years.

Most journeys made in Birmingham city centre are less than five kilometres, and yet only two per cent are made by bicycle. The ambition is for five per cent of all trips in the city to be made by bicycle by 2023 and to double this again to 10 per cent by 2033.



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