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Wilton Centre biotech creates soap from bacteria

Wilton Centre biotech creates soap from bacteria

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A Wilton Centre based research company that has discovered an innovative way to use bacteria to create soap and other products has been shortlisted for a prestigious industry award.

TeeGene Biotech has been shortlisted in the Best Business Start-Up category of the IChemE Global Awards 2015, which celebrate excellence, innovation and achievement in the chemical, process and biochemical industries.

Teegene, a spinout from Teesside University, is developing technologies for next generation biosurfactants and bioemulsifiers.

Dr Pattanathu Rahman (pictured), Director of TeeGene Biotech, explained the novel concept behind the company’s main research findings.

“Most people consider soap to be an effective means of removing bacteria from their skin. However, we have flipped this concept on its head by discovering a way to create soap from bacteria,” he said.

TeeGene Biotech has developed a way to create biosurfactants, which act like soap and help to emulsify different liquids, from strains of bacteria.

The biosurfactants created can be manufactured in a lab and are said to be fully biodegradable, with minimal impact on the environment. They have anti-microbial, anti-aging properties suitable for cosmetic products and biotherapeutics.

He added: “It’s a very exciting technology with tremendous potential for applications in a range of industries. Other uses include oil recovery, reducing pollution and food processing.

“We are delighted to be have been shortlisted in these distinguished awards and to have been given recognition for our progress so far.”

The winners of the IChemE Global Awards will be announced in November.



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