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Member News

Member News

Innovation Birmingham opens an Open Data Institute (ODI) Node and launches iCentrum building


Innovation Birmingham’s iCentrum building – which will open next month (March 2016) – will host the ODI Birmingham, the first ODI Learning and Community Node within the Midlands. This follows the announcement that for the second consecutive year Birmingham saw more start-ups established than any other UK regional city.

Sphere Fluidics: biotherapeutics device attracts £4.8 million investment

A Cambridge life sciences company that has developed a revolutionary system for single-cell analysis in the biopharmaceutical market has secured private investment totalling £4.8 million ($7 million).

Sphere Fluidics Ltd’s Cyto-Mine device (pictured) promises to transform the discovery and development of biotherapeutics for treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases and vaccine generation.

The company, based at the Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, plans to launch a commercial version of Cyto-Mine later this year.

Bird cells could provide the cure for deadly infection

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered that a specialised white blood cell found in birds can destroy a potentially fatal fungal infection which affects more than one million people every year.

Cryptococcus neoformans is a fungus that causes fatal infections in those with a weakened immune system. It is one of the most dangerous infections of individuals with AIDS and is thought to cause hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, every year.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to open new metrology facility at Silverstone Park

 Metrology solutions provider Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (HMI) is to build a new state-of-the-art facility at Silverstone Park that could revolutionise the fortunes of the region’s SMEs and start-ups operating in advanced engineering.

Metrology delivers inspection, validation and ultimately quality control of components – predominantly those made of metals, plastics or composites. The new facility will provide measurement services, crucial for the high-performance technology and motorsport (HPT&M) sectors to achieve accuracy and high-performance.

Earth moves for Oxford Space Systems

Harwell-based space tech start-up Oxford Space Systems (OSS) has secured a collaborative contract with a leading academic institute in Kazakhstan to measure earthquake activity from space.

The collaboration with Kazakhstan’s Institute of Space Technique and Technologies (ISTT) will see OSS design, build and install a version of its proprietary boom technology, known as AstroTube, into a small satellite, known as a cubesat. This boom will be used to deploy a magnetometer – a highly sensitive instrument to measure and map the Earth’s magnetic field.

Landmark collaboration to power smart phones for a week

Intelligent Energy, whose HQ is at Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Park launches a customer funded £5.25m project to deliver embedded week-long mobile phone power.

Spica Technologies part of winning consortium for £10m Internet of Things Smart Cities Demonstrator



Innovation Birmingham Campus-based SPICA Technologies, are part of the consortium to have won the latest £10m UK Government ‘Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Cities Demonstrator’ competition for Manchester CityVerve.

University of Warwick Science Park company helps French automotive firm double turnover


A Warwickshire firm which supports foreign companies’ expansion into the UK has helped a French automotive company to effectively double its turnover in two years.

Exeter City Futures announce exclusive talks to move to Exeter Science Park


Businesses in Exeter are set to benefit from the creation of a world-class technology and research facility, as new plans are revealed by Exeter City Futures 

UK aerospace hub for Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park


Business Minister Anna Soubry has announced that Loughborough University has been awarded nearly £10 million of government funding to create a new open access National Centre of Excellence in Gas Turbine Combustion Aerodynamics. The centre will allow UK industry to access state-of-the-art facilities and will lead research and technology development in gas turbine combustion - a central feature of large jet engines.