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Zhongguancun Science Park

Zhongguancun Science Park


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What is Zhongguancun Science Park?

Zhongguancun Science Park is one of the technology centres in the world and is growing fast. Over the last two decades, Zhongguancun has gathered nearly 20,000 high- and new-tech enterprises, as for example Lenovo and Baidu, and has formed a high and new-tech industrial cluster featuring electronic information, biomedicine, energy and environmental protection, new materials, advanced manufacturing, aerospace engineering, R&D and service.

Zhongguancun Science Park attaches great importance to the exchange of information and strategic cooperation with other science parks. Zhongguancun Science Park now has 10 overseas offices: in Silicon Valley, Washington, Tokyo, Toronto and London etc, whose purpose is to strengthen the relationship with overseas Chinese students and scholars, foreign institutions and high technology enterprises, and to attract talents and resources within technology, capital, information and marketing, etc.

Zhongguancun Science Park has developed to "The Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone" which dates back to the "Zhongguancun Electronics Street" in the early 1980s. In May 1988, the State Council approved the establishment of the Beijing New Technology Industrial Development Trial Zone. Thus Zhongguancun became the first high-tech park in China.

On March 13, 2009, the State Council approved the construction of the Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone, and made the plan to expand Zhongguancun to a full science and technology innovation centre with global influence. Later the "Development Plan Outline for Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone (2011-2020)" was launched by the State Council on Jan 26, 2011, marking a new starting point for Zhongguancun's development.

z parkLayout of Zhongguancun Science Park

Zhongguancun Science Park covers 488 km2 and is home to 16 parks, namely: Haidian, Fengtai, Changping, Electronics City, Yizhuang, Desheng, Yonghe, Shijingshan and Tongzhou Parks as well as the Daxing Biomedicine Industrial Base, etc.

Two towns and two belts

Zhongguancun Science Town

The Zhongguancun Science Town has strengthened institutional innovations, collected industrial innovation factors and mobilized universities, institutions and enterprises to promote collaborative innovations.

This town focuses on the construction of the "Zhongguancun Life Science and New Material High-end Elements Accumulation and Development Zone", "Zhongguancun Aerospace Technology International Port", as well as "Zhongguancun Information Network Century Avenue". The Zhongguancun Science Town is designed to be a pilot demonstration zone with emerging industries of strategic importance, institutional innovations and commercialization of scientific and technological discoveries.

Science and Technology Future Town

The Science and Technology Future Town focuses on environmental protection and applied science and technology, and develops its infrastructure and ecological environment to high standards. The town promotes the innovative "Resource Cluster Development of State-Owned Companies" and seeks to attract overseas innovators to provide a R&D platform for science and technology innovations. The town is designed to be an internationally influential base for technical innovations and commercialization of large-scale business groups.

Northern Development Belt for R&D Services and High and New-tech Industries

The Northern Development Belt for R&D Services and High and New-tech Industries includes the plain area in Haidian district and the southern part of Changping district. The belt boosts R&D and information services and facilitates the commercialization of high and new-tech achievements. The belt aims to build an industrial cluster featuring sound ecological environment, industrial clustering, intensive land use, supporting facilities and urban-rural integration.

Southern Development Belt for High-tech Manufacturing and Emerging Strategic Industries

The Southern Development Belt for High-tech Manufacturing and Emerging Strategic Industries comprises the city's southern industrial space resources of the Yizhuang and Daxing region. The belt also expands the scope of the Beijing Economy and Technology Development Area. It accelerates management system reform, drives the development of the Fangshan High-end Manufacturing Base and high-tech manufacturing industries such as electronics, information, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials. The belt is designed as a development area for key technology manufacturing and international cooperation.

Why Zhongguancun Science Park?

Advantageous resources

The Zhongguancun Science Park is one of the regions that has the highest concentration of talents and educational resources in China and even in the world. The educational resources in the park include:

As many as 40 higher educational institutions are located in the park, including Peking University and Tsinghua University.

As many as 206 national and provincial research institutions are in the park.

Members of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering working in the park account for 36 percent of the nation's total.

By August of 2011, there are 418 talented working staff members involved in the nation's "One Thousand Talents Program" in Beijing, of which Zhongguancun has 80 percent.

There are more than 15,000 overseas returnees in Zhungguancun, who have established more than 6,000 enterprises in the park.

Zhongguancun has become the region with the most enterprises founded by overseas returnees in China.

FDI eyes on Zhongguancun

Zhongguancun has attracted more and more entrepreneurial investments.

There are 84 companies listed at overseas stock exchanges, accounting for one third of all listed companies in the Zhongguancun Science Park.

The number of companies listed on NASDAQ in the park accounts for one third of the national total.

One forth of the nation's companies that have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange are based in Zhongguancun.

Companies in the park have become the indicators of Chinese companies' competitiveness in overseas markets.

International companies based in Zhongguancun

Almost 200 branches and R&D centers of the world's Top 500 companies have set their offices in the Zhongguancun Science Park.

Future Development

Strategic positioning

The Zhongguancun Science Park will uphold its goals of international exposure, being a beacon for national development, demonstrating innovation and future leadership. The park will stick to its strategic positioning a pilot area of reform, a leading area of opening up and innovation, a cluster of high-end elements, an area of innovation and pioneering, and the birthplace of strategic industries.

The park is set to help transform Beijing into a world city, develop itself into a science and technology innovation center and a high-tech industry base with a global influence in the coming decade.

Development goals

The primary innovation and development goals for Zhongguancun Science Park by 2015 are:

  • Establish a system and mechanism that is in favour of indigenous innovation
  • Enhance the indigenous innovation ability
  • Set up a Zhongguancun special talent zone
  • Mobilise and energise innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Improve the park's international industrial competitiveness among the world's top
  • Enhance internationalization of innovation

Zhongguancun Science Park is a place full of opportunities and challenges as well as bright hopes. All domestic and overseas companies and individuals are welcome to Zhongguancun for business development.

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