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Established in 2002, Webropol is the developer and supplier of Webropol survey, reporting and analysis solutions. (Webropol Analytics) software. In addition to its analytics software Webropol also provide training and consultancy services to Webropol users. Webropol achieved excellent financial ratings quickly after establishment with operations in the UK, Germany, Singapore, Sweden and Finland. Independent Webropol resellers operate in Turkey, Belgium, Russia and Indonesia.

Create easy online surveys with Webropol 2.0 survey and reporting software

Webropol 2.0 has been developed to be as easy and fast to use for basic survey needs as it is for the demanding needs of analysts and experts. IT knowledge is not necessary to be able to take advantage of Webropol. It is used for large scale research as well as for quick daily ad-hoc surveys.

Webropol 2.0 E-Testing

With Webropol E-Learning you can create more than just surveys.  You can use the system for training, examinations, tests and quizzes. 

E-Learning allows you to create training courses with online tests that calculate the scores for you.

Easy, fun and quick analyses with the Webropol Surveys & Reporting Analytics module.

Webropol Surveys and Reporting Analytics module is globally a unique analysis tools. Creating clear conclusions and solutions has never been easier. Webropol Surveys and Reporting Analytics module includes:

Text Mining

  • Fast Qualitative text analysis made easy
  • Find the relevant information from open ended question answers, group them easily
  • Compare the groups against other data in same survey


  • Lighter statistical analyses: understand what kind of information lies behind the average numbers
  • Simulate and predict: create insights of best practices for moving forward in different challenging situations

Professional Statistics

  • Deeper statistical analyses quick and easy: Thorough and quick comparisons of respondent groups, segmenting respondents, investigating correlations between variables, etc.
  • Interactive charts and features reduces time spent on processing the data and increases time spent on analyzing the data and making conclusions

Webropol 2.0 Starter Pack

Each Webropol license includes use of Webropol survey tool, regardless of the number of users and how many surveys you do.

To help you get started so that you can quickly and efficiently begin to use the Webropol tool we have put together a 4 step Webropol Starter Pack.  The starter pack is included in your license fee so you don’t have to pay any extra.  As part of the pack you will receive support from experienced staff, who will guide you through your first study, from creating the survey, publishing the survey to compiling your first report.

Step 1: Training

Step 2: Create a Survey

Step 3: Publish survey

Step 4: Create a report and analyse results

Study completed and it is time to look at the results. You can choose if you want a finished quick report or customise your own. Our support department will help you develop an attractive and comprehensive report, and distribute this out to interested parties.


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Contact:   Amy Bassi
Job title:   UK Head of Customer Support & Training
Tel:   01788 226 595
Email:   amy.bassi@webropol.com
Website:   www.webropol.co.uk