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More and more research laboratories and full research parks are being developed by a host of entities: from for-profit developers, economic development corporations and government agencies, to not-for-profits, business incubators, and varied consortia of public-private partnerships. For each, there are unique issues related to target occupancy, building cost, financing, construction schedule and occupancy targets, along with appropriate levels and costs of utilities and building infrastructure, building efficiency and flexibility – all for often-unidentified tenants.

Developing a world-class research park plan involves a multi-layered series of analysis and planning tasks that develop data on both strategic/operational and physical issues, the conclusions from which form the basis of effective planning.

HOK’s experienced team of master planners, architects and laboratory planners have worked with the full range of these issues and know what makes research parks and speculative labs or incubator facilities function most effectively.

  • Careful early planning related to initial building and site costs is important, but so is the impact of design on long term viability, attractiveness to specific users, and the ability to quickly customise interior solutions to meet tenant demands.

  • Correct choices about what level of shell and core infrastructure the “landlord” will provide and what will be part of tenant fit-up.

  • Smart, early decisions about many building elements that are difficult and costly to change or retrofit (loading and vibration factors; mechanical infrastructure; electrical backbone, metering and capacities; emergency/ backup power; shared vs. tenant supplied specialty spaces and support).

  • Flexibility in layout and utilisation for wet lab, dry lab, or office space.

  • Scheduling is key – as building design, materials choices, fast-track scheduling and construction techniques can bring the building to market more quickly – creating opportunities to jump-start cash flow and attract desirable tenants.


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Contact:   Shem Sacewicz
Job title:   Senor Laboratory Architect
Tel:   +44 20 7898 5143
Email:   shem.sacewicz@hok.com
Website:   www.hok.com