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SQW logoSQW first established a reputation as an authority on Science Parks and their contribution to local and national economic development in 1983, with the publication of the firm’s report on the Cambridge Phenomenon.  This described and explained the growth of high-technology industry in and around Cambridge UK.

SQW is now regarded as one of the world’s leading consultancies on the subject of Science and Technology Parks, Innovation Centres and similar property-based schemes for technology-intensive firms. It has acted as sole or lead consultant on over 100 such projects in more than 30 countries worldwide including Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

The projects have included:

  • Feasibility and market studies, to assess demand for a scheme, recommend on the appropriate scale, form and market orientation, and advise on financial viability, organisation and management arrangements, site and building specification and linkage mechanisms.
  • Development strategies and business plans for established or planned schemes, to facilitate expansion or reorientation to new markets, and to improve financial performance.
  • Evaluation studies, to assess performance against objectives and recommend how to deal with problems and exploit emerging opportunities.

The schemes with which SQW has been involved have varied considerably in size (from small urban sites to vast undeveloped areas), in their market orientation (from high-technology start-ups to major multinationals), and in the provision of services (some emphasise real estate, others technology transfer and new business development).

SQW has substantial experience of finding ways in which public and private sectors can reconcile different objectives and work together successfully, and in ensuring projects are both financially successful and achieve important economic development objectives. A list of relevant science and technology park experience can be obtained from SQW.

In 2006, SQW’s sister company Oxford Innovation (www.oxin.co.uk) joined the SQW Group. Oxford Innovation is one of the foremost operators of innovation centres in the United Kingdom. It also has significant expertise in relation to innovation services, in particular coaching for firms with high growth potential.  SQW can therefore provide a seamless service from concept development, feasibility assessment to implementation management.

SQW works from four main UK offices:  Cambridge, Edinburgh, Stockport and London.  Through Oxford Innovation, it also has a presence in many other locations – notably Oxford, Truro, Portsmouth and Barnsley.


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Contact:   Chris Green
Tel:   020 7391 4100
Email:   cgreen@sqwgroup.com
Website:   www.sqw.co.uk

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