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IMAGE: Qatar Research & Development Complex (QRDC) is the product of the nation’s recognized need to transition to a sustainable, knowledge-based society from one dependent on depletable resources. As a research oriented complex, QRDC is a centre of global learning that will push the limits of science and advance innovation. 

Since 1935, Perkins+Will has created innovative and award-winning designs for the world’s most forward-thinking clients. We are architects, interior designers, urban designers, landscape architects, consultants, and branded environment experts who approach design from all scales and perspectives. Engaged, accessible, and collaborative, our staff of over 1,900 professionals bring together high design, functional performance, and social responsibility to advance project goals.

Perkins+Will is transforming the traditional research park model by weaving research components into the fabric of urban communities. Our projects—new hubs of innovation around the world—are attracting knowledge workers, students, and start-ups with lively spaces to live, work, play and collaborate

Since their beginnings in the 1950s, research parks have provided the opportunity to spur economic development, boost technological transfer, and foster innovation and competitiveness. Whether hosting small or large research entities, research parks enable the formation of symbiotic relationships that speed and enhance project development. Critically relevant to today’s economy, they also create new jobs, new industries and new solutions.

As we increasingly appreciate both the interconnectivity of science and the power of collaboration, the environment in which we conduct research is changing, and it is important that planning efforts for the environments within which this research takes place consider many new and emerging issues. Today’s research parks must be structured to support interdisciplinary research and development on a world class level, as the focus upon collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation becomes more important and essential to the immediate and long term success of these entities.

Our approach is to create vibrant, interactive environments in which researchers from around the world can come and join rich and productive communities. This approach is the keystone to all of our efforts from research park design and planning to the design and development of individual buildings to the design and structuring of the labs themselves. We believe this holistic approach is the only way to establish the flexible and experiential environments needed for discovery and innovation.

We are also committed to environmental sustainability at all levels. Recognised internationally as a leader in sustainable design, we have one of the largest portfolios of built green projects. Our commitment is evident in our history of successful sustainable projects, our public advocacy, and our extensive and ongoing research on high performance green design. Through thoughtful design strategies, application of technology and a selective use of materials and resources, we have proven that sustainable design does not mean increased capital budget or increased design fees. In fact, these strategies lead to reduced operating costs and can extend the useful life of a building.

Our projects range from a 1,000 square foot interior laboratory fit-out to a multimillion square foot science city. We have received numerous global awards for design excellence, and have been widely recognised for innovation in science and research facility planning. Actively sharing knowledge and expertise across our firm, we allow the benefits of our national expertise and global thought leaders to be delivered to each of our clients every day.


The Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) stimulates innovation, discovery and entrepreneurship through the interaction and collaboration of scientists and engineers from around the globe. CREATE was awarded the 2013 Lab of the Year by R+D Magazine.



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