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PraxisUnico is an educational not-for-profit organisation set up to support innovation and commercialisation of public sector and charity research for social and economic impact.

PraxisUnico encourages innovation and acts as a voice for the research commercialisation profession, facilitating the interaction between the public sector research base, business and government. We provide a forum for best practice exchange, underpinned by first-class training and development programmes in the UK and internationally.

PraxisUnico facilitates events that address sector-critical issues, often with collaborators that allow our membership to network with high-level representatives and important stakeholders.  The PraxisUnico annual conference is a powerful networking event, providing delegates with an opportunity to connect directly with professionals from academia, business and government – from all around the world. PraxisUnico members represent higher education, public sector research establishments, law firms, venture capital organisations and industry itself.

PraxisUnico works on behalf of its members and the profession to:

  • Keep members informed of key information relevant to the commercialisation profession
  • Help members build new networks within the profession and industry
  • Drive professional development and recognition
  • Provide members with practical tools and resources
  • Disseminate best practice across the profession
  • Influence policy-makers in support of the knowledge economy
  • Act as the voice of the membership,