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BioCity Nottingham

BioCity Nottingham


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"Our decision to become BioCity tenants was and keeps continuing to be an excellent decision" Peter Ridgway, Reach Separations

BioCity provides a home to the curious, to the radicals and the pioneers tackling the challenges that affect us all, globally.

BioCity is a pioneering life science incubator and business collective. Where ideas become reality, investment flows and businesses succeed.

Entrepreneurs, investors, experts, academics, industries and associations come together at BioCity. Creating a UK-wide business collective.

We surround businesses with people who share a common goal with us and with each other – to help science entrepreneurs tackle global challenges. Individuals with diverse expertise, experience and resources who can open the doors, make the introductions and identify the opportunities; that help businesses grow.

Allowing even the smallest of ventures to be part of, and do something, big.


Specialists in early-stage life science investment, our experts are adept at spotting the ‘ones to watch’. We invest in promising entrepreneurs and early stage ventures with real potential.

Available Space

Easy-in easy-out leases for labs, manufacturing spaces, offices and stores allow businesses to scale-up and down for new projects and new people; without the risk.


Not just for start-ups and spin-offs, we coach evidence-based entrepreneurialism at every stage from idea to exit. Advocates of the Lean Start-Up method, we help businesses get off the ground and continue to grow, entrepreneurially.


The BioCity Group is dedicated to channelling entrepreneurship to meet the world’s healthcare needs. We believe much of the innovation needed to tackle the challenges of an expanding and ageing population along with rising costs of care will come from new entrepreneurial companies. So at each of our locations we provide the best environment for these growing and ambitious life science businesses to maximise their chances of success.

From fostering an entrepreneurial culture to the very practical discipline of running state of the art laboratories, every effort at a BioCity location is focused on helping companies to be more successful.

BioCity was first established in Nottingham in 2003. It was one of the first incubators offering laboratories alongside business support to early stage companies in the life science sector. Since then, the BioCity Group has grown to include locations in Cheshire, Scotland and Nottingham and has launched MediCity in Nottingham and Scotland.

Whilst in the early years the facilities at BioCity led to a focus on companies in drug discovery and delivery, therapeutics and medical devices, the launch of MediCity widens the type of companies to also include, alongside med tech, the areas of digital health, well-being and beauty.

Common, across both brands and all sites are the key components of appropriate facilities, pay-as-you-go services, business programmes, access to finance and integration with the wider innovation community. These core components are all carefully designed to provide the right help at the right time.


 The BioCity Group provides office space as well as specialist laboratories at every location. From hot desking and daily lab hire to large office units, GCP, GMP suites, Category 1 and Category 2 laboratories, BioCity can ensure companies have the space they need when they need it, and all on terms that are appropriate to their stage of growth.



Whether it is conferencing and meeting rooms or clerical and administrative services, companies only pay for these services when they need them. The same approach to lab and on site services removes significant cost hurdles in accessing expensive scientific equipment such as NMR, Mass Spec, HPLC, GC, centrifuges and freezers.

BioCity Accelerator

The BioCity Group accelerator programmes are designed to coach and encourage entrepreneurial excellence. From examining the commercial viability of early stage ideas to running masterclasses for established executives, there is a continuous programme to help entrepreneurs at every step of their journey.

The SPARK, DEVELOP and LAUNCH programmes can take technologies and early stage innovations from business concept through to investment readiness in an accelerated time frame. The programmes deploy many of the tools of lean start-up and digital accelerator programmes but they are redesigned to suit the needs of life science and healthcare innovations.


Access to finance is a key challenge for high tech companies and yet intelligent investing in these businesses can create fantastic returns. The BioCity Group can help companies raise money through established connections with grant awarding bodies and early stage investors, but it can also invest through its own funds (Mobius Life Sciences) and through funds it manages for others, such as the Alderley Park Ventures fund. The early stage knowledge of the team and opportunity (pre-investment) combined with the regular contact and help offered at a BioCity Group location (post-investment) helps to buck the trend of performance of early stage venture capital. To date, the BioCity Group has an investment return of 6.8 times.


There are over 200 companies based at the five locations employing over 1,000 employees. The site teams work hard to ensure the effective networking and integration of the various companies and as a result many collaborate and work with each other.

However, the community extends far beyond the boundaries of the sites. BioCity Group has established relationships with many universities, patient groups, healthcare providers and NHS departments as well as the innovation and corporate venturing teams in larger pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

These connections offer the opportunity to inform and accelerate company development but they also offer community members the chance to influence and shape the type of innovative new products and services being developed.

These core components have helped create clear success. There is a 12 year 91% survival rate of all companies started at the Nottingham site and occupancy across all locations has grown year on year.

The rapid development of pharmaceutical contract research organisations (CROs) is being led by fast growing companies such as Sygnature Discovery and Reach Separations. The IP based ventures, such as Haemostatix, Monica Healthcare, Blueberry Therapeutics and Locate Therapeutics, have accumulatively raised over £50m of venture capital and are set to provide healthy returns as the macro-economic conditions improve.

To join the success story either as a company, an investor or as a member of the wider community please get in touch.

e: enquiries@biocity.co.uk


BioCity, Nottingham is based in the Creative Quarter of the city. It is the first BioCity site and now home to over 70 companies. The 120,000 sq ft is spread across 3 buildings and construction of a new building is well advanced. BioCity, Nottingham is home to one of the largest collections of pharmaceutical contract research organisations in the UK.

BioHub is based on the AstraZeneca site at Alderley Park, Cheshire. The 86,000 sq ft dedicated to the BioHub is part of a much larger campus, now owned by Manchester Science Park, that also provides substantial grow on space.

MediCity Nottingham is based in the Enterprise Zone on the AllianceBoots campus. MediCity Nottingham occupies 100,000sq ft in the iconic art-deco D6 building. The building also has impressive conferencing facilities and hosts big events connected to health, beauty and innovation.

BioCity Scotland and MediCity, Scotland are both based at the former MSD research facility at Newhouse, 13 miles outside Glasgow and 35 miles from Edinburgh. The 130,000 sq ft at the site also boasts specialist facilities such as the compound management library and GMP storage and archiving.


Pennyfoot Street

Contact:   BioCity Group
Email:   enquiries@biocity.co.uk
Website:   www.biocity.co.uk

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BioCity Nottingham

Established in 2003 BioCity was one of the first Bioscience incubators offering state-of-the-art laboratories and commercial office space to let/rent, alongside business support and services to early stage companies in the life sciences sector

BioCity Nottingham has space for a wide range of businesses, including start-ups, international business looking to launch in the UK, or companies needing extra space for a project.

To enquire about space contactenquiries.nottingham@biocity.co.uk

BioCity Scotland

BioCity Scotland supports companies at all stages of development from University spinouts to large established companies by providing facilities, access to shared services, business support and investment.

130,000 sq ft. of high specification chemistry and biology laboratories are availble. Fully fitted space on flexible lease terms ensures capital efficiency and availability of high quality resources.

Shared lab facilities allow companies access to core lab equipment, such as autoclave, glass washer, drying oven, de-ionised water, ice maker etc. without having to purchase.

To enquire about space contact:enquiries@biocity-scotland.co.uk

BioHub at Alderley Park

BioHub powered by BioCity, helps to create and grow successful life science companies.

This is achieved by creating the optimum environment for emerging businesses to thrive by offering world class state-of-the-art laboratories and commercial office space, shared services, training, business support and access to investment.

To enquire about space contact:office@biohubatalderley.co.uk


MediCity Nottingham

MediCity, a collaboration between Boots and BioCity, is an incubator designed to provide a stimulating and supportive business development environment for innovators in consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.

The ideal environment in which to start and grow your business. Take a look at the packages on offer below.

To enquire about space contact: enquiries@nottingham@medicityuk.com

MediCity Scotland

MediCity, a collaboration between Boots and BioCity, is an incubator designed to provide a stimulating and supportive business development environment for innovators in consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.

The ideal environment in which to start and grow your business. Take a look at the packages on offer below.

To enquire about space contact: enquiries.scotland@medicityuk.com