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AURIL, the Association for University Research and Industry Links, represents the interests of industrial liaison, technology and knowledge transfer specialists and research managers in universities throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. As a network of professionals it is dedicated to the development of partnerships between those in the knowledge transfer business and industry and provides a forum for debate and exchange of good practice.

AURIL is already the leading representative body for professionals in the knowledge business in Europe, with over 1,500 members. It aims to influence knowledge transfer policy by lobbying funders, industry, HE Stakeholders, government and its agencies.

Where appropriate, AURIL provides an informed view to the Government and others. Most UK and Irish universities are members of AURIL. Universities are represented by staff from dedicated offices whose responsibilities include administration and/or exploitation of research, technology transfer, managing intellectual property, marketing services such as consultancy and training programmes for industry, and generally developing external partnerships and strategic alliances for their institutions.

To find out more about AURIL, visit the website at www.auril.org.uk or contact Dr Alasdair Cameron, Executive Director.



c/o Research and Commercial Division
Cardiff University
30-36 Newport Road
Cardiff CF24 0DE

Contact:   Alasdair Cameron
Tel:   0141 548 4765
Email:   alasdair.cameron@strath.ac.uk
Website:   www.auril.org.uk