Catherine Johns

Catherine Johns

Catherine Johns – NETPark

How science parks can tackle the big societal challenges: Areas of innovation transforming public health outcomes.

Catherine JohnsAgeing and health. Security and resilience. Inequality. Climate change. Sustainability. Poverty. Sometimes it can seem as though these challenges are just too insurmountable for us to really get to grips with.  But science and technology parks (STPs) are doing just that and this contribution will look at three case studies to illustrate how this can be achieved.

Three Point Summary:

STPs support for individual companies: how we ensure that developing companies are integrated into both the local and national innovation support landscape. 

STP’s at the heart of a wider area of innovation: how the innovative thinking behind the North East Technology Park has powered a new concept “Durham Smart County” which has created a wider area of innovation to transform public health outcomes.

STP’s collaborating across boundaries: how Science Parks - working together - can deliver effective collaboration for tenant companies.