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Abingdon Health expands its presence at National Agri-Food Innovation Campus

Abingdon Health expands its presence at National Agri-Food Innovation Campus

Following a successful 2019, Abingdon Health is expanding its presence at the York-based National Agri-Food Innovation Campus (NAFIC), giving the company the space and capabilities necessary to continue to drive forward rapid diagnostic testing innovation and create new jobs in the region.

Abingdon Health, which develops and manufactures rapid diagnostic tests, saw its revenue increase by 90% in 2019, due to several new contract wins and the development of its AppDx software, which was the catalyst for its recent expansion. The products Abingdon Health manufactures are used in a wide range of industries, from infectious disease testing in GP clinics, to testing animal health on farms.

The expansion will see the company grow their footprint by 42% at the specialist science campus. This includes an all-new quality-control laboratory which will be used for testing products ahead of their release, an additional research and development laboratory and assembly room along with space for meeting rooms and hosting clients.

The new facilities will not only help Abingdon Health continue to lead innovation in rapid diagnostic testing but will play a key role in expanding its capabilities, a significant priority for its business strategy.

From its location at NAFIC, Abingdon Health will also be able to accommodate the increasing demand for customer on-site visits and expand the volume of product batches which can be manufactured at one time.

After expanding its employee levels by 20% in 2019, the company now has plans to continue to grow its York based team in 2020.

Abingdon Health’s expansion was further aided by an £1.5m investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund in January 2019, allowing the company to expand the business and pursue new growth opportunities.

Michael Hunter, operations director at Abingdon Health said: “We are very excited about the next phase of our business growth and this expansion will give us the ability to invest in our York based  team and continue to meet the increasing demand for our services.

“As a company at the forefront of rapid diagnostic innovation, Yorkshire provides access to some of the brightest minds and great collaboration opportunities with universities and organisations on our doorstep. Also, York is a fantastic place to live, offering a good quality of life for our employees.

“NAFIC has been a great base for us for the past 10 years as we’ve benefitted from its vital services including building management and security, in addition to specialist science facilities such as water filtration and lab support. We’ve also made full use of amenities such as an onsite gym, restaurant and conference spaces within the Lakeside Conference Centre. The campus team have always been flexible, especially when it comes to our continued requests for more space, with this our third expansion on the site.”

Liz Cashon, innovation campus manager at NAFIC, said: “Abingdon Health has embarked on an impressive journey since it came to the campus 10 years ago and the success it has seen in the last year is reflected in the booming bioscience sector in Yorkshire.

“Facilities are the foundation which innovation is built upon and we understand that these SMEs need flexibility and access to outstanding resources on site in order to continue their growth and Abingdon Health is the perfect example of this.”

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