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Jisc and UKSPA - helping you realise your digital vision

Jisc and UKSPA - helping you realise your digital vision

Honouring the concept that small changes can create big waves, UKSPA and Jisc are excited to announce a new Digital Partnership, which will spark future collaboration with UKSPA and its members.

JISC - UKSPA's Digital Partner

Jisc provide the UK’s national education and research network (NREN), Janet, and provide digital solutions for UK education and research, in order for the UK to be the most digitally-advanced education and research nation in the world. 

It’s a grand vision but one we know is within our reach, particularly when we come together to share knowledge and expertise.

With many of our members reaching out to us to make the most of their connection, and many science parks being university owned and operated, working closer with UKSPA seemed like the logical next step, and one which could lead to very exciting cross-sector collaborations for our members.   

Through embarking on this partnership with UKSPA, Jisc are supporting the aspirations of their research and science park members alike, to benefit from the high-speed connectivity of Janet. With the dedicated cyber security, and extra services such as DDoS mitigation coming as standard, there’s a huge opportunity for big-data projects that would otherwise seem like science fiction. And with science parks a key part of delivering the UK’s industrial strategy, the infrastructure to seamlessly share data with universities and research institutes will be vital.

Delivering a world-class NREN, serving over 18 million users, the Janet Network provides UK enterprises with a highly-reliable and secure network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration. Janet is regarded as mission-critical to the UK knowledge economy and we know it’s able to do much more for UKSPA members. It’s great to be announcing our ambitions here.

Get tomorrow’s network today

The Janet network isn’t limited solely to education and research ventures. As a good proportion of the UK’s science parks are commercial concerns and we are extending our service offering to science and technology parks, technology incubators and innovation centres. 

We’re open to business customers who share our values – such as not-for-profits, public bodies and research-linked enterprises, and any profits we make from working with customers will be reinvested in Jisc and the Janet Network – helping to sustain the membership benefits we provide.

Supporting members with their business requirements is very much aligned to the offer we give to university campuses, research institutions and further education college groups.  As a Jisc customer, you access many of the benefits of Jisc membership –including the performance, reliability and security of the Janet Network – while the fees you pay help support the network and services for the Jisc community.

 It’s all about being faster, quicker, and more secure; your digital future, together

Another key part of Jisc’s offer is Eduroam – the seamless Wi-Fi students and university staff have come to expect as standard. This service has been enabled at a number of science parks already, most recently Bristol and Bath Science Parks, where Eduroam connectivity for visiting academics from the UK and the rest of the world can still connect effortlessly via their usual provider. Eduroam has X amount of global users, so it’s a safe bet for our collaborative future.

Case study: Culham Science Centre

The home of UKAEA, or the UK Atomic Energy Centre, Culham Science Centre also houses the UK’s Centre for Fusion Energy.

Whilst UKAEA has been a Jisc member for many years, the network was previously unavailable to commercial tenants at Culham.

Through a collaboration with others, Jisc have delivered a managed service directly to the centre’s tenants. Frustrated customers, with broadband issues and expensive fibre installation beyond their means, can now access a new range of services through Jisc’s Janet network. 

The Centre for Fusion Energy describes the possibilities which connection to the Janet network brings: ‘Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of cleaner energy for tomorrow’s power stations’

For Culham Science Centre itself, there’s a new lease of life – broadband has been transformed from a limitation to possible new tenants, to being both an asset and a selling point.

Did you know?

Jisc’s Janet network covers the UK from Cornwall to the Shetlands and Belfast to East Anglia

It carries over 1.5 PBytes of information annually, equivalent to all the photos held on Facebook across the world

At its heart lies over 8,500 km of optical fibre with a backbone operating at 600 Gbit/s, and with the capability to expand exponentially to meet future demands.

Jisc have a total of over 1.5 Tbit/s of connectivity to hundreds of global networks, cloud services, content providers and more

Become a Jisc customer

Interested in becoming a Jisc customer? Please contact Christian.evans@jisc.ac.uk to discuss how we could help you.


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