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UKSPA announces a new contract publishing partnership with Open Box Media & Communications

UKSPA announces a new contract publishing partnership with Open Box Media & Communications

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The UKSPA management team is extremely pleased to announce a new contract publishing partnership with Open Box Media & Communications. This new working agreement places us in a position to be able to continue production of our exciting new publication; Breakthrough magazine.

Building on our success

Following the dissolution of UKSPA’s publishing contract with Future Fusion at the end of 2017, UKSPA took editor, Sarah Lawton, on as a full-time employee to ensure the continuity of what is rapidly becoming a well-respected publication. As UKSPA’s new Communications Manager, Sarah spent time and effort researching third party publishing and sales options and believes Open Box is exactly the right partner to build on the magazine’s current success.

“We have a visually impactful magazine and great quality content,” said Sarah, Editor of Breakthrough. “What we now need is the support of a sales and publishing team able to focus on the needs of UKSPA, its members, and potential advertisers. It is critical that we get this right to enable the continued expansion in distribution and return of investment for those investing in the great marketing potential this publication now offers. Open Box is that team I have been looking for.”

While all editorial control remains inhouse, we hope you will support us by also collaborating with the Open Box team who shall be responsible for both the magazine’s advertising sales, production and distribution.

Introducing Open Box

Open Box Media & Communications is an award-winning editorial and design agency based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. With decades of experience in advertising sales and publishing between them, Directors Stuart Walters and Samantha Skiller have a full-service publishing house that delivers around 20 design-led print magazines and three major trade directories, interactive digital publications, apps and micro-sites. We are pleased that they now count UKSPA as a key client within their strong portfolio.

In addition to the commitment and future vision offered to UKSPA by Open Box’s senior management, one of the biggest attractions of this publisher is its strong advertising sales team with excellent understanding of the B2B, academic, science and high-tech sectors. We believe that Francis Murphy and Penny Michaela are the right people to help potential advertisers understand the benefits of placing some of their crucial marketing budget with us and help get the very best value for money.

Increased distribution and updated media pack

If you haven’t already, you might expect to receive a call from either Francis or Penny soon. We hope you have the time to hear them out and benefit from the increased marketing potential offered to advertisers as we continue to raise our profile and expand our distribution base.

Please download our new Media Pack for details.

Editorial enquiries:

Sarah Lawton, UKSPA,

T: +44 (0)121 353 1469 | E: sarah.lawton@ukspa.org.uk

Advertising Sales enquiries:

Frances Murphy, Open Box Media and Communications Ltd,

T: +44 (0)121 353 1469 | E: frances.murphy@ob-mc.co.uk


Penny Michaela-Winter, Open Box Media and Communications Ltd,

T: +44 (0)121 200 7820 | E: penny.michaela@ob-mc.co.uk


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