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Discovering Discovery Park

Discovering Discovery Park

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Discovering Discovery Park

With appreciation for all our member management teams

Following my arrival as UKSPA Executive Director in mid-January, I have made a determined attempt to keep - each week - two days in my diary that are committed to visiting our members. My aim to see at first-hand what our members are doing and also to inform them of my own ambitions to support their work and promote their achievements. It has been exceptionally rewarding.

I’m blown away by your willingness as members

UKSPA has traditionally been close to our members. We have always put members at the heart of our work but sometimes there are temptations to stay in the office, get on with the day to day work and also avoid intruding on the incredibly crowded diaries of our members.

But - to fully understand, appreciate and hopefully promote the work of UKSPA members - was a commitment that I made and wanted to deliver. And it has been so worthwhile!

I have been absolutely blown away by the willingness of our members to find time in your busy diaries to show me your facilities, introduce me to your tenants, and see at first hand the incredible work that is delivered daily by you, our member management teams.

Your work is appreciated

Locally, I am sure the work of our member management teams  is appreciated. 

Certainly, it is appreciated by your tenant companies, but sometimes this work really does not get the wider recognition it deserves.

The UK science park, innovation and incubation sector will play an important - and indeed essential - part in delivering the benefits of a successful knowledge economy. My recent visit to Discovery Park in Kent provides a superb illustration of the day to day contribution of UKSPA members to this delivery.

Impressive investment

Meeting with the team at Discovery Park to hear about the investment that is being made to provide the space, the infrastructure and the facilities to support their tenants was impressive. Their plan has economic, political and community support. It will provide opportunities for assisting tenants to develop, expand and flourish.

Finding out more about Discovery Park’s development plans, their success to date, and expansion plans was worth my (somewhat challenging) journey through the snow to Sandwich.

But there was more!

The work of the Discovery Park management team, delivering really positive engagement with the local community and with school children, and the encouragement they give to apprentices and others, was truly inspiring.

I look forward to returning (if invited!) to Discovery Park and other member sites, to see how plans for development continue to be delivered, to look at new facilities, and to do all that is possible to ensure that the day to day work carried out on UKSPA member locations is shared and appreciated!

Jim Duvall

Executive Director, UKSPA


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