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A new team for UKSPA

A new team for UKSPA

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Following a competitive interview process, Jim Duvall was appointed as Executive Director of The UK Science Park Association (UKSPA, networking science and technology parks, research and innovation sites, incubators and accelerators) and took on the position on 1 February following the departure of outgoing CEO, Paul Wright. Having been Membership Manager of UKSPA for nine years, Jim is well known to UKSPA members and throughout this past month has overseen the appointment of both Sarah Lawton as Communications Manager, and Louise Tilbrook as Member Administrator, to complete the new executive team.

“We anticipate exciting developments for UKSPA members over the coming years,” said David Hardman, UKSPA Chairman, “Jim’s leadership combined with the resources offered by a full executive team will enable us to forge ahead with many of the more ambitious plans laid down over the past decade. As key contributors to the UK’s Industrial Strategy, science parks and sites of research and innovation really must have effective networks that encourage and support collaboration and knowledge sharing, and UKSPA sits at the centre of that remit.”

The new UKSPA executive team brings together a broad range of complementary skills, including Jim’s knowledge base in policy, public affairs and member’ issues, Sarah’s editorial, marketing and strategic communications background, and Louise’s experience in laboratory, healthcare and quality management, as well as highly tuned organisational skills. Together they are keen to develop the Association’s member offering over the coming years, as well as continuing to deliver the collaborative networking events and useful publications UKSPA has become so well known for across its membership base.

UKSPA is the authoritative body on the planning, development and creation of science and technology parks, incubators, accelerators and other sites of research and innovation, that facilitate the development and management of high growth, knowledge-based organisations. Founded in 1984 by the managers of the eight parks that then existed, UKSPA has gone from strength to strength. In the last thirty years, the number of science parks has grown significantly, from two in 1982 to around 140 today.

UKSPA’s executive team are always happy to hear from prospective new members. See more at www.ukspa.org.uk


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