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PraxisUnico and JUSIRUI Management Consulting announce international strategic relationship

PraxisUnico and JUSIRUI Management Consulting announce international strategic relationship


PraxisUnico (Cambridge, UK) and JUSIRUI Management Consulting (Beijing, PRC) are pleased to announce an international, strategic relationship for delivery of outstanding training to Chinese professionals working in the fields of technology transfer, knowledge exchange and commercialisation.  

In this relationship, the two organisations will be collaborating exclusively on the delivery of an ambitious, intensive and integrated course after which suitably experienced delegates will be eligible to apply for international accreditation as Registered Technology Transfer Professionals.

PraxisUnico will bring its wealth of experience in providing world-class training in this specialist area, and JUSIRUI Management Consulting will contribute its national support.

Commenting on this arrangement, Maxine Ficarra, Executive Director of PraxisUnico, said “We are delighted to have this opportunity to work closely with JUSIRUI to train the next generation of professionals who will support China’s move to a leading innovation-based economy”.  

Director Zhang of JUSIRUI Management Consulting said “Jusirui is honoured to become PraxisUnico's strategic collaborator. This represents a meaningful cooperation between China and the UK supporting China’s paradigm shift to a high innovation technology-driven economy. Together with PraxisUnico, Jusirui is more than grateful to bring forth the best experience, the best business model, and the best new resource innovation to China.”

For further information about these training courses contact Han Zhang, Director:  h_zhang@joinnovationip.com

About PraxisUnico:

PraxisUnico is a world-leading organisation which advocates and drives excellence in knowledge exchange and commercialisation.  Over many years, PraxisUnico has actively built an international leadership position in university-business and stakeholder relations, has trained 1000’s of practitioners from 30+ countries and is a founder member of the global Association of Technology Transfer Professionals.

About JUSIRUI Management Consulting:

JUSIRUI MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (BEIJING) CO., LTD (“JUSIRUI”) is focused on helping foreign technology-based companies to achieve success in China.  We provide a range of services to our clients, such as (1) business, market and commercialisation strategy and support; (2) financial support and business development; and (3) marketing communications support; and (4) technology support which includes R&D. 

JUSIRUI has cultivated an extensive network of relationships with entrepreneurs, inventors, technology transfer organisations, lawyers, patent attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, venture capitalists, and commercial enterprises.  Through our extensive network of contacts, JUSIRUI is able to generate quality consultancy work as well as undertake business development activities.


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