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With Brexit, the R&D Relief Programme may not exist down the road

With Brexit, the R&D Relief Programme may not exist down the road

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The EU and the UK’s existing R&D tax relief scheme are interconnected because the rules of claiming under the SME scheme are guided by State Aid rules. These regulations are imposed on national governments to ensure fair competition is present for all companies throughout the EU.

As the UK enters into new and uncharted territory, no one can say for sure what will happen with the R&D tax relief programme. We do not know whether it will remain status quo, if it will change, or if the government will decide to get rid of the programme altogether.  There have been both positive and negative remarks about how the programme will be different but the fact is, the future is unknown. 

Companies will forecast for the future, both short and long term, whether in the tech, engineering, or manufacturing industries. With that said, why wait to look into claiming R&D tax relief with all of the uncertainty surrounding this programme?  

Did you know that most SME companies are averaging approximately £50,000 in tax benefits annually, and the number of claimants continues to grow each year?

Get your credits while you can!  If you are unsure if you qualify, have had an unpleasant experience doing the claim yourself, or have not received added value from an existing provider, RDP distinguishes itself from everyone else in providing these services.

For a free 15 minute assessment as to whether you qualify or for more information on how to make claiming easy, please contact A.K. Hajee at (0)203 002 0089 or by email at ahajee@rdpassociates.com.

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