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An invitation from the Tech Partnership to UKSPA members

An invitation from the Tech Partnership to UKSPA members

The Tech Partnership (previously known as e-skills UK) is the network of 1000+ companies, large and small, collaborating to create the skills for the digital economy. They are a registered charity, formed to address the serious shortage in tech and digital skills across the UK, which is holding businesses back in a digital world.

Their ambition is to deliver the skills for a million digital jobs in the UK by 2025 by inspiring new and diverse talent into digital careers, raising the quality of digital skills training and education, and enabling employers to offer high quality digital apprenticeships. 

My Future Tech

Signing up is entirely free, and carries no obligations: it’s simply a way for businesses to demonstrate their support for the Partnership’s aims. In return, you will receivel receive regular news updates about digital skills, and will be invited (if you wish) to input their views to government and others on digital skills policy and practice. Sign up for free at 

 www thetechpartnership.com 

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