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Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy releases statement on the autumn SIA reports

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy releases statement on the autumn SIA reports


“The Prime Minister has set the development of an economy that works for everyone, with a strong industrial strategy at its heart, as one of the government’s top 3 priorities.  It will focus on addressing long-term productivity growth, encouraging innovation and focusing on the industries and technologies that will give the UK a competitive advantage.  It will promote a diversity of industrial sectors and ensure the benefits of growth are shared across cities and regions up and down the country.

The need to build evidence and understand our strengths therefore remains a critical component as the new Industrial Strategy is developed.  The Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) provide a highly valuable element of this work in building our understanding of where the strengths in both science and innovation are situated throughout the UK. The SIAs also sit alongside the work of the Smart Spec Hub, Innovate UK and networks such as EEF (spell out) and KTN (spell out) as well as the organisations working in the devolved administrations to help make our ambitions for a balanced and productive economy a reality.”

Charlotte Heyes
Deputy Director, Business Innovation Directorate

We are on track to publish the first SIA reports later in the autumn. The reports produced through the great efforts of the Wave 1 consortia, and with support from Technopolis, are in the process of being finalised. We are also examining the opportunities for publication and communicating their findings to key audiences; we will be discussing publication plans with the Wave 1 consortia in due course.

We’d also like to thank all the consortia that submitted an EOI under the second wave of expressions of interest for the SIAs. They are currently being assessed and those going forward will be advised in due course.

We’d also like to confirm that the third wave expressions of interest is still planned for November.




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