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Two Pioneering Science Companies Move Into Colworth Park

Two Pioneering Science Companies Move Into Colworth Park


Colworth Park, a leading enterprise hub and established location for scientific excellence, celebrates a growing campus community as welcomes two new science companies to the site.

The latest residents to move into the Bedfordshire-based park are Evolution Biotechnologies and Camstent; both of which are at the forefront of innovation and making significant advancements in their respective fields.

With state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, manufacturing sites and offices, Colworth Park presents a first-class location for the UK’s leading science and technology businesses to thrive, create and collaborate. 

Both new companies have moved into The Exchange building; a purpose built business centre, which is also home to some of the most ground-breaking science companies in the country. The modern 54,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art centre provides high specification office and specialist laboratory space.

Evolution Biotechnologies moved into an office suite in March 2016. The company works to expand the use of biological control into medically important areas; such as targeting dust mites and bed bugs. Setting up at Colworth has given them the space and facilities to continue their ground-breaking research and application. They also benefit from the connectivity and location of the site.

Dr. David Harper, chief officer, said: “Evolution Biotechnologies has just based its UK operations at Colworth Science Park. Interesting, some of us have been based here before, so why come back? As they say, location, location, location. Colworth is very close the halfway point between Oxford and Cambridge, and is an equal distance from London - very much in the UK’s ‘golden triangle’”

“But there needs to be more, and there is. The facilities are modern and comprehensive, but more than that the attitude of the people at the park is both positive and highly supportive. That makes a big difference, and underlies our decision to base here, and, ultimately grow our business here.”

The move is intended to keystone the development of Evolution Technologies’ laboratory and other facilities at Colworth over the next year. The office is managed by Ms. Hayley Styche, who has joined the company in an administrative role.

Dr. David Harper added: “This is an important step for the company, and Colworth is the ideal location for our business to develop and grow. Ms. Styche has extensive experience in the sector and is a valuable addition to the company.”

Camstent moved into a high-spec laboratory in The Exchange in November 2015 and since have successfully set up their operation. They are a growing medical materials company that develops patented polymer coatings, which resist bacterial attachment to device surfaces. The work Camstent do onsite significantly improves patient outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.

Their first commercial product, a compound that prevents catheter-acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTI), will be developed at Colworth Park. Derivative and supplemental formulations will target other medical and dental applications, as well as hospital, consumer and marine products.

Chief Executive Officer, David Hampton said: “Since setting up a base at Colworth Park last year, we’ve been able to begin small scale manufacture of coded catheters, taking the innovation from research to production signals a really exciting progression for us.

He added: “Colworth Park is an ideal location for us as its facilities support both the chemistry and manufacturing we do. The laboratory we have is state-of-the-art and we’ve had great support from all of the staff on-site.”

Colworth park has long been associated with scientific discovery and innovation and it’s a reputation that is set to grow further as the site develops. Today it’s home to a host of enterprises; from start-ups to global corporations, focusing on food, health, medical devices, antibodies, sustainability, life sciences, green energy and planning. Tenants based at the park enjoy working within a community of scientific excellence, which drives open innovation and entrepreneurship.

Keith Purdie, said “We would like to wish all the recent and new tenants to the Park a very warm welcome. It’s fantastic see even more pioneering companies join us at Colworth Park and help cement our reputation for groundbreaking innovation.

He added “It’s been a really exciting six months for us – especially with the redevelopment of Colworth House, which will bring even more leading companies to the site. 


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