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BIS Consultation - How can the UK can develop its innovation framework?

BIS Consultation - How can the UK can develop its innovation framework?


Government is seeking your views on how the UK can develop its innovation framework.

Innovation can transform lives. It can help us to face some of our biggest challenges, from energy supply and food security, to demographic change and the delivery of public services. It enables businesses to develop new ideas, products and services, and create new jobs and export opportunities.

BIS want to know how you think the UK can improve its innovation framework. The survey asks for views on 7 areas:

- regulation

- procurement

- access to finance

- data

- challenger businesses

- national infrastructure

- intellectual property.

Your ideas will help  develop a National Innovation Plan which BIS will publish later this year.

The Consultation Website comments that:

"The UK has a long and strong history in science and innovation, and a world-leading reputation, being ranked second in the Global Innovation Index in 2015. But there can be no complacency about the global challenges we face and the increasing levels of competition. At the same time, the nature of innovation is changing towards greater use of digitally connected technologies and data. This is changing how goods and services are produced and delivered, and transforming established markets.  This survey seeks views on how the UK should further develop its innovation framework and system.  This will help us to develop a National Innovation Plan".

Visit the Consultation Website here.


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