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University of Warwick Science Park company helps French automotive firm double turnover

University of Warwick Science Park company helps French automotive firm double turnover

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A Warwickshire firm which supports foreign companies’ expansion into the UK has helped a French automotive company to effectively double its turnover in two years.

EBS, based at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Innovation Centre in Warwick, has been working with RCD, an automotive design and engineering consultancy, since it joined EBS at the Innovation Centre in 2013 to help it break into the UK market.

EBS has led RCD’s formation of its UK subsidiary, RCD Advanced, by providing a range of services including managing finances and accounting through to growing sales and clients. 

As a result of EBS’s support, RCD Advanced has gained contracts with major clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, MG and TATA Motors, which has helped to almost double the company’s turnover since moving to the UK.

Benjamin Lamaire, branch manager of RCD Advanced, said: “EBS has done an expert job of assisting RCD to build its presence within the UK.

“There are a vast number of differences in the way business is run in the UK to RCD’s base in Montigny-le-Bretonneux , near Paris, so it has been a great support to have EBS guide us with our expansion and the close relationship is still on-going as the team continue to manage the company’s financials.”

He added that the Science Park appealed to RCD Advanced due to its convenient location. 

“Coventry and Warwickshire is a hive of activity for UK car manufacturing, and for us to expand into the UK and work with industry leaders, we recognised that the Science Park would best place RCD Advanced to do that,” he said.

“Since we moved to the Innovation Centre, the business has grown significantly but the nature of working in the UK is very different to France – the UK has a lot of contractors in comparison to France which relies on permanent staff.

“For this reason the size of our team has often shifted which changes our requirements in terms of office space, but the Science Park is always supportive of our growth and development as a company.”

Positioning the business at the Innovation Centre has also been a major advantage for EBS, which has managed to score a host of new clients as new businesses have moved into the Science Park.

Martin Williams, managing director of EBS, said: “A large proportion of the businesses which move to the Science Park are foreign-owned, meaning our services can often prove valuable to them.

“Since we have been based at the Innovation Centre we have worked with at least seven other business on the park, which has in turn helped EBS to expand.

“We recently took on two new recruits and increased our office size by 50 per cent which has enabled us to expand our reach and work with more Central and Eastern European companies.”

Pauline Rose, of the Innovation Centre, said: “Both RCD and EBS have grown significantly since their moves to the centre, demonstrating the mutual benefits of the Science Parks.

“Each business is working to develop their standing at the forefront of their respective industries, and we will continue to work to accommodate their growth for years to come.”

Photo shows: Benjamin Lamaire, branch manager of RCD Advanced, Martin Williams, managing director of EBS, and Pauline Rose, of the Innovation Centre.


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