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Silverstone Cluster Report receives PWC backing

Silverstone Cluster Report receives PWC backing

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Professional services firm PwC has added its support to an important study – a ‘Cluster Report’ – into the concentration of high-performance technology and motorsport (HPT&M) businesses located around the world famous Silverstone motor racing circuit.

MEPC, the asset manager and developer of Silverstone Park, has tasked SQW, a leading independent provider of research, analysis and advice in economic and social development to undertake the study which will culminate in a report on the HPT&M ‘cluster’ that surrounds Silverstone.

The report’s findings, expected to be published in March 2016, could help attract significant investment plus Government support for HPT&M companies located within Silverstone’s neighbouring counties.

HPT&M is defined as anything from software design to advanced engineering and everything in between including electronics, CAD, manufacturing, R&D and the professional service companies that support these activities in sectors such as aerospace, medical devices, defence, marine and motorsport.

Roz Bird, Silverstone Park’s Commercial Director, said: “We are very pleased to welcome PwC as a sponsor and steering group member on the HPT&M cluster research project. This comes at a crucial moment in the project when SQW is focusing in on key case studies and considering key questions about the nature and future of the cluster.

“PwC’s insight, background knowledge and contacts will be highly valuable. We look forward to working with PwC in the coming months prior to the report’s publication in March 2016.”

Ruby Parmar, partner and head of private business at PwC in Milton Keynes and the South Midlands said: “We’re very pleased to be supporting this project, which we believe will reveal important insight into the high performance technology and motorsport cluster in the South Midlands region.

“It is an economic geography of great significance to the future of the UK economy and one which should be recognised, mapped, quantified, supported and ultimately harnessed to ensure that the activity continues to flourish.

“PwC is committed to encouraging opportunities for technological innovation and investment across the UK. And through our new Devo Delivery Network this research will help support our vision to establish the region as a global business destination for HPT&M.”

PwC joins the following as a sponsor partner of the study: Barclays; the Motorsports Industry Association (MIA); Buckinghamshire County Council; Northamptonshire County Council; Aylesbury Vale District Council; South Northants Council; Cherwell District Council; Buckinghamshire & Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP); Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership (NEP); South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP).

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