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Spending Review: Science for Science's sake

Spending Review: Science for Science's sake


The  Campaign for Science and Engineering have been inviting members and collaborators to blog for the CaSE website, setting our their key asks for the Spending Review and the rationale behind it.

UKSPA Vice Chairman Catherine Johns (Innovation and Business Growth Director at Business Durham) has contributed her thoughts, saying that:

"The upcoming spending review has meant that we have all had to re-examine our assumptions on this score. Ordinarily, I am a strong believer in science for science’s sake but, in really debating whether the science budget should be protected, it has become clear that there are many other reasons for doing so.

It’s not just that science is a source of wonder and inspiration and an expression of what makes us, us. It’s not simply a case of “because it’s there” or perhaps going to Mars because “it’s what’s next” (as Aaron Sorkin memorably once had a character say). It’s not even because we are pretty much the envy of the world in terms of our science base.

Perhaps far more prosaically, science, technology, engineering create jobs. Millions and millions of them, mostly paid more than average.

Approximately 20% of Durham’s economy is manufacturing – the latest shining example, Hitachi Rail Europe, recently played host to both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor at its grand opening. All these jobs depend on scientific discovery at some point....."

The full blog can be read here.


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