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Majestic turns virtual into reality

Majestic turns virtual into reality

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Digital artist Brendan Dawes has teamed up Innovation Birmingham Campus-based developer Majestic to create 3D printed landscapes from the analytics of any given website.

Majestic has developed the largest global commercially available website link index and uses its database to create the unique landscapes. The results, which have been previewed in Forbes magazine, represent the number and quality of a website’s backlinks.

Dixon Jones, Marketing Director of Majestic, said: “We all use the internet so much, we miss its mathematical beauty. Every website has its own unique link profile; its own DNA. We decided to capture that DNA and bring it into the real world, starting by creating Google’s website as a 3D printed model.

“Working with Brendan Dawes has been inspiring – together, we have developed a formula to portray websites in a physical form. The outcome of the project is that we now have our own 3D printer within our office at the Innovation Birmingham Campus. This enables us to create a Majestic Landscape on demand for any website. The initial response from our clients has been brilliant – it is very powerful to be able to make instant visual comparisons of websites as 3D objects.” 

Majestic’s groundbreaking specialist search engine has been designed to categorise the entire World Wide Web, eradicating the need for manually categorised website directories. Over seven hundred billion web pages – including all Twitter accounts – are filtered into 800 topics to enable easy analysis and comparison.

For more information, visit https://majestic.com/

Pihotograph shows Aminur Rashid and Dixon Jones of Majestic with a 'Majestic Landscape'





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