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Innovation Management Team Joins RDP!

Innovation Management Team Joins RDP!


We are pleased to announce that RDP is partnering with Graham Binks and Ash Aly to assist our clients with Innovation Management services.

Their focus will be on assisting our clients with customer development. Specifically this will involve putting in processes that provide a better pipeline of valuable customer information and feedback, especially during the product development phase. 

Based on numerous surveys we have carried out, our clients rank customer input and feedback as “extremely important” to their business.  In fact one of our very successful clients stated that the customer input and feedback process was the number 1 reason for their success. 

Graham Binks has 30 years of technology experience in roles as CEO/founder, CTO, CIO, and VP Support and Services. During this time, he has completed over 300 career projects creating, implementing and supporting technology solutions for global clients in Tech, Financial Services, Automotive, Consumer Design, Supply Chain, Transit, and Film and Entertainment. Graham also provides CIO services through his firm, primeFusion Inc. 

During his 10 year spell as CTO, Graham led the software businesses at two technology companies and brought 8 products to market. All products paid back development costs within 2 years of launch through a focus on market validation, early customer engagement and agile development.

Graham has advised on innovation practices for Nike, P&G and many smaller businesses, and applied lean practices for several start-up projects.

Graham holds a Bachelor of Science in Computation from UMIST and a Research Masters in Computer Science from the University of Manchester.

Ash Aly is known to have a highly process-driven approach to helping start-ups and medium/sized enterprises in software/financial services to improve the innovation process. These include lean product management, hosting design sprints, and setting up user feedback loops in iterative development environments. He helps align business requirements, development focus and user feedback into a harmonious process that breeds innovations and successful products by design (products with built-in traction). Ash is passionate about using data driven analytics to optimize product development focus, find high ROI features and derive technical insights to propel products from good to great. Ash holds a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Ottawa.

For information on our Innovation Management services, please contact Brian Cookson at bcookson@rdpassociates.com or (0)203 004 8303.



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