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Bactest scoops SME of the Year award

Bactest scoops SME of the Year award

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Bactest Ltd has scooped the prestigious Telegraph Festival of Business’s SME of the Year 2014 award.

The St John’s Innovation Centre-based company has developed Speedy Breedy, a portable microbial respirometer that is used to incubate bacteria and detect and measure biological activity and contamination in potable water, beer, food and beverage, paint, oil and many other applications. It removes the need to send samples to a lab to be tested by technicians, which can cut days of the time required to test for contamination.

Myleene Klass, judge and entrepreneur, said: “I was hugely impressed at the level of ambition this company has and at what they’re trying to achieve. They are genuinely changing the world one step at a time in a progressive, fearless manner and the level of expertise, enterprise and originality is a joy to behold.”

Prof Annie Brooking (pictured with Myleene Klass above), CEO of Bactest, said: “I am enormously proud, very shocked and really delighted. I am over the moon." 

Bactest has other products under development that are aimed at the industrial and waste water markets.




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