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Audiovisual Funding from MEDIA Desk UK

Audiovisual Funding from MEDIA Desk UK

This year, the EU’s MEDIA and Culture funds were combined under a cross-sectoral programme – Creative Europe. The new 7-year, €1.46 Billion programme supports the development of European films, TV and games, as well as cultural festivals, professional training, and literary translations.

The MEDIA sub-programme offers financial support for the audiovisual industries throughout the EU. The UK division of this organization operates several different programs of targeted funding throughout the year for UK filmmakers and other audiovisual industry professionals. Funding rounds may support producers, distributors, sales agents, exhibitors, training courses and more.

Notable funding streams under MEDIA Desk UK:

•             Training: Up to 80% cost support for vocational training activities related to new technologies, economic, financial and commercial management, and script development.

•             Video Games: Up to €150,000 for concept or project development activities related to the creation of a digital video game.

•             TV Programming: Up to €500,000 for independent production companies producing fiction, animation, documentary, or drama TV series.

•             Development: Up to €200,000 for audiovisual projects intended for theatrical release, or release on digital platforms.

•             Access to Markets: Up to 80% cost support for European audiovisual professionals undertaking promotional activities, or creating online tools and platforms, to expand the audiovisual and cinema industries’ access to global markets.

Funding is awarded through scheduled Calls for Proposals, with varying deadlines throughout 2015. Applications must be submitted before the start date of the funded project.

To find out how your business can access government funding, please contact Jon Ion at (0)203 435 6853 or by email at jion@rdpassociates.co.uk


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