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Plymouth Science Park Tenants are to benefit from an IT upgrade

Plymouth Science Park Tenants are to benefit from an IT upgrade

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Businesses at the Plymouth Science Park are to benefit from an IT upgrade when new broadband facilities are installed. 

Following the upgrade, broadband services at the Park are now up to 80Mbps. 

The work comes as more and more companies are increasingly reliant on high speed internet for their work. 

The high-speed resilient fibre connections are proving particularly useful to digital and creative companies at the park.  

Many of these businesses are evolving fast to meet the growing demands of cloud computing with increasing needs for large data storage, hosting customer servers and access to real-time systems such as voice and video. 

One business to benefit from the park’s new broadband capacity is IT services company Microshade VSM. 

Established in 1984, the current directors bought the family business in 2009 and quickly moved to Plymouth Science Park to take advantage of its onsite data centres and high-speed connectivity. 

The firm has a track record of bringing high tech solutions to town and parish councils in the South West but has clients all over the UK. 

The growth of cloud computing has seen Microshade’s offer evolving quickly over the past 12 months and the business is planning to recruit two more staff members and grow its private sector client base. 

David Astwood of Microshade VSM said: “Plymouth Science Park lends Microshade VSM a prestigious operating address, backed by an enterprise class data centre delivering security, resilience, bandwidth, flexibility and room for expansion, providing service assurance that instils customer confidence. 

“If we were to set up on our own site, buying the equivalent broadband capacity would be astronomically expensive.” 

“The park’s ICT support team is very knowledgeable, able and willing, providing essential input into our technical development and operations. 

"This means we can focus on delivering the best service for our clients, enabling our small business to punch well above its weight.” 

Plymouth Science Park ICT operations manager Jonathan Harris said: “We are proud to be able to offer a bespoke service to meet clients’ needs – whether it’s hosting a server in our data centres or providing resilient connectivity for advanced ICT applications. 

“In addition to monitoring developments in the external broadband market, we work closely with our tenants to allow us to understand their needs and priorities.”

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