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National Agri-Food Innovation Campus company goes into production

National Agri-Food Innovation Campus company goes into production

Innovenn, based at the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus at Sand Hutton near York have announced that Labskin production started in early September 2014. This is an exciting time for all the team involved as they take this innovative product to clients across the globe.

Like to know more about Labskin?

Labskin is a full thickness human skin equivalent, allowing high quality skin research to be carried out in a client's own cell culture laboratory. Until now, research using living 3D skin models has been problematic. In-house culture requires a very high level of expertise, whilst commercially-available tissues are often fragile, have greatly reduced barrier function and offer a limited test window. Labskin offers an easy to use, robust and effective solution, for both testing programmes and research projects. 

National agri-Food Innovation campusUniquely for a skin equivalent model, Labskin can also be colonised with the microflora of skin to provide a life-like platform for the study of microbiological systems or the influence of antimicrobials. 

The Innovenn team are ready to answer any questions you may have and can be contacted at sales@innovenn.co.uk.

The Labskin team have recently moved premises to the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus, York in the UK. we are delighted to be part of such a dynamic hub with new state of the art equipment assisting in the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall production times of Labskin. 


​Innovenn UK

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