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Alcyomics embarks on ISO 9001 with ComplianceControl Centre

Alcyomics embarks on ISO 9001 with ComplianceControl Centre


Alcyomics, providers of novel solutions for pre-clinical drug safety and testing for therapeutics including cellular therapies, chemical and cosmetic industries, has signed up to ComplianceControl Centre, an Electronic Quality and Document Management System for SME’s.

With over 30 year’s research activity by the Founder, on transplantation and graft versus host disease, Alcyomics continual growth in the North East is due to innovated technology such as Skimune™. Originally developed for identifying responses of donor cells against patient skin, the original skin explant assay has been extensively published in peer-reviewed journals and the technology has been further modified by Alcyomics, for predicting contact sensitivity and allergic reactions with development of novel IP.

ComplianceControl Centre has recently launched a new version of its electronic document and quality management system that will be used to cover all aspects of Alcyomics quality and compliance management system, helping to achieve ISO 9001. The system will manage documentation, equipment, training records, audits, and corrective actions and preventative actions, to ensure proactive compliance management and will be particularly useful providing visibility of compliance across all Alcyomics offices and Manufacturing sites.

Alcyomics Director and Founder, Professor Anne Dickinson explains, “Although pre-clinical testing is significant before any antibodies and drugs go to market, good documentation also constitutes an important part of the whole process. Due to an ongoing commitment to meet highly regulatory standards in our industry and improvement of business continuity in the consultancy stages, we highlighted the need to automate our document management system, and to improve, efficiency and validity of storing procedures, training, instructions, contacts, records and data. ComplianceControl Centre’s easy to use and, out-of-the box solution guarantees to deliver exactly what we require”

The latest software features a single on-line data repository for all Compliance, Quality and Validation documents, significantly reducing paper, spreadsheet and ad hoc database maintenance and support, also reducing overall costs. The Software as a Service per user pricing model has meant this technology is now affordable to SMEs, for whom this sort of Electronic system to manage and control Quality and Compliance had until recently, been unaffordable and unattainable.

David Forrest, CEO of Compliance Control, commented, “We are delighted that Alcyomics have signed up to the latest version of ComplianceControl Centre. The new release aims to assist SMEs like Alcyomics who would not have thought about investing in this sort of software, as it was previously out of their price range.

Forrest continued: “ComplianceControl Centre not only gives SME’s an affordable Electronic Document Management System, but also an Electronic Quality Management System, including data management and a data tracking system, which can be operational and fully validated within five days.”


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