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Introducing open innovation portals to technology innovators

Introducing open innovation portals to technology innovators

As part of the International Festival for Business Science & Technology week, open innovation consultancy yet2.com, along with Unilever, is hosting a free event at Liverpool Science Park on 26 June 2014 to introduce the concept of open innovation portals to technology innovators, and how they can learn more about the technology needs of large companies and engage with them for potential collaborations.

Many large companies look to external sources to solve their innovation needs, with many actively soliciting technical solutions, products and business ideas from innovators, customers, suppliers, and the broader marketplace of technology providers through Open Innovation Portals.

Externally managed open innovation portals provide a single point of entry for these potential solutions, while offering protection from IP (intellectual property) contamination to the solution seeker, and non-disclosure of confidential information to the solution provider.

The free event will enable all companies to learn about the benefits of open innovation portals & how they are used.  It will also highlight the technology needs of Unilever and other large companies, and give innovators the insight and opportunity to submit their potential solutions non-confidentially. 


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